Why miles is my favourite

Maddy is a complicated, overly dramatic , loud teenager . When she moves back to the U.S.A. And meets Miles Garcia ,the talented young swimmer on her swim team , will he be able to understand her?!


7. swimming failures

"Okay, maddy, i think we should get you onto the swim team" Maureen was sitting at the table playing sudoku. "I really want to but the thing is that i don't want you to feel as though you have to take me at 5:00 am!" "Maddy, with the amount of potential you have it wouldn't be fair to deprive you of your favourite thing to do, would it? Plus it would be an amazing opportunity to make new friends!" "I guess so....." "Great, off to the pool we go, grab your gear!"

We arrived at the pool and i was tensing up, i was so nervous. The senior team were training, or just about to. Maureen was talking to the coach while i just quietly stood there. The group of boys that i had seen the day prior were there . The cute guy was looking over at me again, i really wished that i had made a better effort with my appearance on that day in particular. Just then his friends pushed him in! I couldn't help but almost dye laughing, like everyone else. The coach, who's name was Michael by the way, pointed him out , his name was miles , one of the best swimmers on their team.

Michael told me to do a 800m I.M. swim at normal pace and he would asses me from that. I passed and was put into the leading lane, in there was a girl called Anna, Georgia, miles and Lance. Anna seemed nice , she was very out going and introduced me to Georgia , who was kinda shy.

The actual training wouldn't have been hard if i hadn't been so nervous and tensed up. Afterwards Anna introduced me to the rest of the team and showed me to my spot. In swimming , as a team , each swimmer has a "space" , its where they put their bags in the changing room everyday. It really isn't intentional but it just happens and huge fights break out if someone takes someone else's space. After that Anna invited me to a party later on that night. I was so happy to actually have a friend!

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