Why miles is my favourite

Maddy is a complicated, overly dramatic , loud teenager . When she moves back to the U.S.A. And meets Miles Garcia ,the talented young swimmer on her swim team , will he be able to understand her?!


10. school

So that summer passed really fast, it consisted of me , Anna and Georgia hanging out. We became really great friends , i would tell them everything, we would hang out at swimming and outside of swimming. We would go to parties, (yes i got into them) and we would have sleepovers. Georgia was dating miles' best friend, Mikey, and it turns out that miles never shut up about me. The girls pretty much knew everything about me , except that miles and i would secretly meet up everyday.

The meetings between us were pretty frequent, which in my opinion was great! I wasn't sure if Georgia was lying about him liking me or not, i loved and trusted her but i just wasn't sure whether she was telling the truth about that.

When school started, i was really nervous. Luckily i had pre calc everyday with Anna and Georgia but with everything else i didn't have them. In English i sat beside this girl, she looked very meticulous, she wore 6 inch heels and her beauty was kind of intimidating. I tried talking to her on the first day but she just looked at me as if she were saying "wtf?!" Okay, she didn't want to talk to me but then she saw me looking at miles and said " back off , he is mine" i wasn't going to let her "claim" him! "Sorry, he's single" "he wont be after today!" Just then she walked up and kissed him..... Right in front of me. I wanted to crumble to pieces. My heart sank, it felt awful. I walked away to my locker. In a horrible mood. It turns out i cried for the first time since i got to the states. Also, turns out his locker was right next to mine. He saw me crying, i was totally mortified because i had always been the strong person but i had broken down. I had liked him since day 1 but i didn't think he knew. He stood there looking at me . "You know, even when you cry , you're beautiful too" i was shocked at the remark but i wanted to make him feel bad for kissing that bitch. "You kissed her..... She's yours now" he was taken aback by my snide comment "no, she kissed me, i didn't kiss her back. Lets head back to the garden, ill tell you about her there, okay?" "Ugh, fine" i was still upset

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