Why miles is my favourite

Maddy is a complicated, overly dramatic , loud teenager . When she moves back to the U.S.A. And meets Miles Garcia ,the talented young swimmer on her swim team , will he be able to understand her?!


8. partay!!

That evening when i got home i asked Maureen if i could go to a party that night with Anna. Maureen gave me a curfew and went up to my room to do my hair and pick out an outfit.

In the end i decided on a really nice Abercrombie dress and a pair of heels. I straightened my hair and then the doorbell rang. It was Anna ready to pick me up . She looked striking! I was really surprised how well she cleaned up! Her bleached blonde hair was tied back in a messy pony and her pail skin which had previously looked really dry had somehow gotten extremely moist!! She was wearing a similar type of dress and a pair of black heels.

As we arrived at the party i saw miles and couldn't stop staring. Anna caught on really fast and said he was single and that i might be able to get with him! As we got out of the car everyone stopped and stared , we apparently looked "jeah, amazing" and i saw miles stare in adoration , and then he tripped , i started to laugh again, he was so cute even when he was falling.

We walked to the back of the house where the music was pumping really loud. I didn't really like it that much but went along with it because everyone else liked it. It finally got too much for me to handle . I saw a cave behind this gigantic willow tree. I decided to go there , I'm sure that the host wouldn't mind me leaving because they probably didn't even know me. I walked over and pushed away the willow tree's branched and found not a cave but a cute little garden. I decided to sit down. I was there for about 5 minutes when i heard footsteps . I froze, i guess i had no flight or fight reaction. It was miles. He looked surprised to see me. "You're the new girl, yeah?" "Uhhh.... Yeah, you're in my lane, yeah?" "Yeah, so, what are you doing here?" "Well I'm just chilling , you?" "Hahahah, i couldn't stand the music! So where did you move from ?" I really didn't want ti answer him because that was like the one thing i didn't want people to know . "Ireland" "woah, really!?!" "I was born here but i moved a while ago, people here think I'm irish and in Ireland they think I'm american , so it causes problems....." " oh , sorry" "nah, its fine, just don't tell anyone ... Okay?" " of course!!!!!" I glanced at my phone , it was 11:00, my curfew..... "I have to go, sorry ..." "Wait! Meet me here tomorrow at 4:00pm?!" "Eh sure"

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