Love Sucks

Jasmine was in a terrible place. She's suicidal and emo. No matter how hard anybody tried they could never help her. If anything they made it worse. But one day this new girl comes to school. Could this new girl turn her life around?


7. The robbery

Dani's P.O.V

       As I walked from the bus stop I noticed that Jasmine lives two doors down from me. I smiled at myself. But my smile faded when I saw my house. It had been broken into and ransacked. I dropped my backpack and ran to the kitchen. I grabbed a big knife from the knife holder shaking. I picked up the house phone from the kitchen counter and called my dad but it went straight to voicemail. of course! He cant have his phone at work. Next I dialed 911. "911, What's your emergency?" "My house has been broken into and ransacked! I-I have a knife but I don't know if the robber is still here or not!" I started crying. I was terrified. Then I saw a figure in the front doorway. I screamed and dropped the phone. The figure stepped out of the shadow with a frightened expression and i realized that it was Jasmine. I sighed in relief and hugged her. I don't know why I hugged her. I started crying to her shoulder. She started to pat my back kind of awkwardly but I didn't mind I need somebody right now. Somebody that I knew. "Ma'am are you alright?! We are sending the police and ambulances your way right now!" I picked up the phone "I- I'm okay. It was just my friend." I tried to calm myself "Don't search your house wait outside until the police get there. They will search for you." "O-okay Thank you." I hung up and slid to the floor. " I.. uh. I'm just gunna go now.." I heard Jasmine say. I jumped up to my feet. " No! Please stay. Please?" I begged not wanting to be alone. "Okay" Jasmine said slowly. 

      We walked outside and I sat on the ground. Jasmine sat beside me. I shook my head "Who would do this?" I asked myself quietly. I looked at Jasmine and she looked at me. I could tell she was kind of uncomfortable. "Thank you." She looked at me with a puzzled expression "For what?" "For staying with me." "Oh. uh yeah. No problem." We fell back in to silence until the cops came. When the cops finally got there they searched the house and when it was completely searched and nobody was found they walked Jasmine back to her house and explained to her dad what happened. They tried to call my dad again he answered this time and came home right away. The cops searched the house one last time and then went back to the station.


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