Love Sucks

Jasmine was in a terrible place. She's suicidal and emo. No matter how hard anybody tried they could never help her. If anything they made it worse. But one day this new girl comes to school. Could this new girl turn her life around?


6. Journal Entry

Jasmine's Journal Entry

     The whole day was going fine until 4th period. That new girl came sliding up to me. She just had to sit next to me. Why couldn't she go sit by the slut Kendle, or the preppy girls Madison and Brooke? I was minding my own business writing in my journal and she just came and sat by me. At least Sky is sitting behind me. That makes me feel better. Skyler and I have been best friends sense the 5th grade. She knows about my depression and cutting. she saved me from killing myself more than once. 

     My mom is making me write in this she says its a good way to get everything out of me instead of cutting. Anyways back to that new girl. She was at the bus stop this morning too kneed some guy in his soft spot. She is kind of cute. shes tan, hazel eyes, long dirty blonde hair. I really like her eyes. When I looked at them they were mainly brown but had little streaks of gold and green. They are really beautiful. Like her. What am I saying!? I just met her! she probably isn't into girls anyways. I hope she didn't see me blush when I looked into her eyes. I'm just glad that I only have 4th period with her, and the bus. Its not that I don't like her but I just prefer the company of my blade my music and my books. Yes I'm kind of a book worm.

       I don't understand why I like this girl so much? We have only spoken once, and it wasn't even a full conversation. 

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