Love Sucks

Jasmine was in a terrible place. She's suicidal and emo. No matter how hard anybody tried they could never help her. If anything they made it worse. But one day this new girl comes to school. Could this new girl turn her life around?


11. It's just a kiss.

Dani's P.O.V

     It's been two weeks sense I flushed Jasmine's blade. She hasn't talked to me sense. Not that she really ever did. I've made more friends. I'm actually pretty popular. Then again I haven't told anybody that I'm lesbian except for 2 friends. I also haven't told anybody that I'm anorexic either. Everybody thinks that I just have a high metabolism and a pretty face so that's why I'm kind of poplar. Whenever I see Jasmine in the hallways she just turns away from me and keeps walking like I don't even exist. It kind of hurts me. 'I'll go over to her house today after school and talk to her.' I thought to myself.

After school I got on the bus and waited for my bus stop. I was going to go home first, drop my stuff off then go over.  I dropped off my book-bag and lunch box and walked over to Jasmine's. I knocked on the door and a guy with a beer gut opened the door "Yes?" his breath smelled of alcohol "Hi I'm a friend of Jasmine. He grunted and opened up the door so I could go inside. "Second floor first door to the left." He walked away and into the kitchen to get another beer I guessed. I walked up to Jasmine's room and was about to knock, when I heard voices.

" I don't like ignoring her, sky. I really like her but I don't want to drag her into my shitty life."

She paused.

"Yeah, but honestly how could she like me? How could anybody like an ugly emo loser like me? Especially a beautiful girl like Dani."

I opened her door slowly and peeked in and she was turned around on her bed. I slipped in and silently closed the door behind me. "I think you mean beautiful perfect girl." I said. Jasmine turned around wide eyed and dropped her phone. I walked over to the bed and picked up the phone and handed it to Jasmine. "Hey, Sky. I uh I'll call you back okay?" She clicked end without waiting for an answer. "What are you doing her, Dani?" She was wearing short sleeves and I saw her arms. They were covered in cuts. I looked at them for a few minuets. Jasmine reached over and grabbed a sweatshirt and put it on covering her arms. I sat down on the bed next to her. I grabbed her arm and pushed her sleeve up and ran my fingers over her cuts softly and I was holding back tears. Jasmine tensed a little and she looked at my face. "Dani, whats wrong..?" "Your cuts." "What about them. Why do you look hurt?" "Each cut on your arm is another time that I couldn't be there for you." "No. No. No. No. Don't think that. I've been the one ignoring you. I'm so sorry. I just don't want you to see me for what I really am." "Even with your cuts you are so beautiful ,Jasmine. Don't ever forget it." I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine. Our faces were so close I could feel her breath. Before I could think I filled the gap between us and kissed her.

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