Love Sucks

Jasmine was in a terrible place. She's suicidal and emo. No matter how hard anybody tried they could never help her. If anything they made it worse. But one day this new girl comes to school. Could this new girl turn her life around?


12. Her lips.

Jasmine's P.O.V

           At first me and Dani are staring at each other and next thing I know her lips are on mine! I can feel my eyes widen and I tense up. Dani pulls away quickly."I- I'm sorry. I didn't mean, I mean it just happened, I better go." She got up from my bed and was starting to leave when I grabbed her arm. "Wait, don't go." I pulled her back on to the bed and she looked at me in a confused way. I didn't know what to say so I leaned in a little and kissed her.I had no idea what I had no idea what i was doing and my heart was beating a million times a second but this felt right. I felt like it was just me and her in the whole world. I have never kissed a girl before... well I've never kissed anybody before except for a quick peck. We went over to her house because she knew that her dad wasn't home. 

         She pushed me onto my bed softly so I was laying down and we started to make out. It was slow at first but then the intensity grew and the kissing grew more fiery more lustful. She ran her hands up and down my body and started to lift up my shirt. I stopped her hands and broke the kiss. "Wait, I've never done this before.." I looked at her kind of embarrassed. She grinned at me "I'll be gentle." I let go of her hands and she lifted my shirt off me and threw it to the side. We started kissing again and i didn't stop her this time.

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