Love Sucks

Jasmine was in a terrible place. She's suicidal and emo. No matter how hard anybody tried they could never help her. If anything they made it worse. But one day this new girl comes to school. Could this new girl turn her life around?


9. Cutting Class


Jasmine's P.O.V

          I walked down the hallway to my 4th period with my head down. When I got tripped in the hall. Everybody pointed and laughed. I got up with a red face and I heard Kaitlin Lymcky say, "What a klutz." She laughed. I looked up and she was standing right in front of me with her two friend Kaylee Dunn and Kya Anderson. The three most popular and the three most bitchy girls in the 7th grade. They have bullied me sense 5th grade. I tried to walk past them but Kya shoved me into the wall. "You should watch where you're going, Fag." I flinched at the name and she grinned knowing she had gotten to me. "Well she isn't a complete fag. She has dated one guy. I don't know how anybody could ever like her though. She's ugly as shit." Kaylee said.They all started laughing. Kya still had me pinned to the wall and I struggled to get away. "I would really appreciate it if you would get off of my friend, bitch." I looked up in surprise and saw Dani. I gasped. Dani grabbed Kya's arm and took it off of me and then let go of it. The three girls stopped laughing and stared at her with open mouths. Kaitlin recovered quickly. "What is this your new girlfriend, fag?" I shook my head but they weren't looking at me. "So what if I was?" She replied "She's not" I squeaked. "Whatever let's go this is boring anyways" Kaitlin said and Kya shoved me one last time. "Bye fag." Dani looked at me. "You okay Jass?" I looked at her and then ran out of the school and I ran home. I could hear Dani shouting at me at first but then she stopped.  When I got home I ran into my room and the tears that I was holding back started to pour out. I grabbed my blades from my drawer and swiped the blades across my wrist. I tensed up then sighed. The dotted lines of blood started to appear. I grinned and then my bedroom door flew open. Dani gasped at the blade she stood frozen in shock. Then she walked over and grabbed the blade out of my hand she went into the bathroom and I heard the toilet flush.


Good thing that I've got two other blades.

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