A Strange Story

A strange thing happens to the not-so-quiet town of New York City. It all starts when the Stark Twins are kidnapped right from their parents' and The Avenger's grasps, going to who knows where. And now, there's going to be Hades to pay for whoever did this.

**rated yellow due to some mild language and violence**

The authors don't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchises that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the authors. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


4. Creeper.....

~Clint Barton~

Geez, tough family, the Starks. First Ammie gets hurt, now, my Goddaughter, is wailing her eyes out because she thinks it's all her fault.

Great. Just great. 

"So? You gonna tell us what's going on?" Bruce questioned Tony.

It didn't really phase me, his worried tone. When his family is in danger, Brucie here takes things seriously.

Tony sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Well, you see... WHAT THE H-LL?!?!" Tony yelled.

Suddenly his armor was on his body and his face was bright red with anger. His eyes were set aflame with protectiveness and he marched purposefully into Ammie's room. And it wasn't that hard to figure out why.

Some guy had Amelia pushed up against the wall opposite of the full glass wall. Wow. He's stupid. Messing with a Stark! An AVENGER'S CHILD and NIECE!! This guy was about to learn why you do NOT screw with our family. Ever!

~Bruce Banner~

I felt my anger surge forward at seeing my helpless GodDaughter in the clutches of some unknown evil person. I felt The Other Guy bursting to come out. I let it happen. And I kept consciousness the whole time.

I walked over to the room, and tapped on the glass. It shattered immediately. I guess that's what happened when a enormous green rage monster taps on glass.

Anyway, I ran over to the guy who had my Goddaughter pinned against the wall.

He look at me and grinned. "Hello there." He smirked.

I snarled and flicked him aside, he flew from wall to wall, until he hit tho spot where Emma and Pepper were. 

"Puny kid, eat your vegetables." I growled.

Clint looked at me. "Thats the best you got?" He asked.

"You wanna end up on the other side of the wall too?" I asked.

That shut him up. 

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