A Strange Story

A strange thing happens to the not-so-quiet town of New York City. It all starts when the Stark Twins are kidnapped right from their parents' and The Avenger's grasps, going to who knows where. And now, there's going to be Hades to pay for whoever did this.

**rated yellow due to some mild language and violence**

The authors don't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchises that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the authors. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


7. Battle Royals

~Pepper Potts-Stark~

"WHERE ARE MY DAUGHTERS?!" Tony screamed, losing his mind as he attacked the wall behind us. 

We were on the TriCarrier with the Avengers and the Spidey Team. Fury was trying to debrief everyone who was not there during the attack. 

Tasha was shaking with her rage and she joined Tony with abusing the wall by us. 

I sighed. I was drained, tired, and the only one it seemed that wanted to think about this logically. 

A loud clap of thunder and a shot of lightning announced Thor's presence upon the top of the TriCarrier. 

Tony growled and started up the stairs to go and beat on his Asgardian brother. We had already reviewed the security footage at the hospital and we knew that the two twin boys who had taken our girls were of Asgardian descent. 

"Put the suit on..." I sighed in annoyance. I couldn't stop him, that much I knew. 

Tony viewed this as unacceptable and wrong that his own brother had family or friends that had just kidnapped our children. 


"Would you please PUT ME DOWN!" I snapped at the butthead that was still holdin me captive in his strong muscular arms as we were SITTING AT THE DINING TABLE IN MY BLOODY CELL!!! 

My sister was free of her freaky stalker, boy was I glad to see her when I got here!

But it wasn't FAIR! My creepy guy was holding me like I was some sort of precious sack of money or something! I mean COME ON! I know I'm clumsy and all, but REALLY?!

"My delicate flower, you are injured. I cannot possibly allow you to move for fear of you once again harming yourself with your clumsiness. 

I harrumphed and stuck out my tongue at him. 

Soul mate or not, this guy was getting on my last nerve. 

"Having fun?" I heard the cold sneer of Loki Laufeyson's voice and I immediately sat upright, chills and thrills going through my body all at once. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been obsessed with Loki! I've had a great friendship with him my whole life!

And looking at him for the third time in real life was just as mind-blowingly awesome as before. 

"LOKI!!!" I screeched and managed to FINALLY escape the hold my creeper had on me. 

I ran at him and flung myself into his arms. He giggled a little at my antics and hugged me tightly. 

"I missed you, deary." He whispered to me, using that stupid little name that Rumplestilskin calls everyone in the show Once Upon A Time because he knows that's the only reason that I use it myself.

I blushed. 

"KNEEL!" He demanded of me as he dropped my to the ground again. 

I fell to the floor and knelt in front of him. 

We busted up laughing. 

"I've missed you sooo much, Loki." I said quietly as he helped me up. 

I guess being kidnapped by some freak claiming to be your soul mate isn't as bad as it sounds once you get used to it. 

"And I you." He said.

I kissed his cheek and smiled as we hugged again. 

"Alistair, did you know that Loki was my betrothed? Is that why you kidnapped me?" I lied with a fake cheery attitude. 

Alistair growled in response to my actions. 

I smirked at him. 

"He. Did. What?" Loki asked me slowly. 

"And his twin did the same to Emma." I smiled at him. 

Loki glowered at the two boys who were now both facing off against him. 

"Ame, was that the best move you could have made?!" Emma snarled behind me. 

"Shut up! You know as well as I do that my best friend will protect us both! Especially because of who we're supposed to end up with!" I snapped in anger. She fully understood me and nodded her head. 

"Now, you remember what Aunt Natasha taught us? Good, can you pull it off without any hitches?" I asked. Her face paled and eyes widened.

"Right, how about you keep close to my six and I'll deal with it?" 

She looked at my arm and then at me pointedly. "Shut up. I can still do this. You know that. Now, let's begin." I muttered to her right before I stared to zig and zag around the battle field as the boys faces off. I jumped, punched, and kicked my way through the boys and dragged Emma behind me. 

Her strong suit wasn't fighting or making inventions. She was more of a logistics kind of gal. She takes after Mom a LOT more than I do.

So, as we reached the outside of the room they were holding us in, we immediately went looking for Heimmy. He would get us home. I had faith in that. And told Emma as much. 

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