A Strange Story

A strange thing happens to the not-so-quiet town of New York City. It all starts when the Stark Twins are kidnapped right from their parents' and The Avenger's grasps, going to who knows where. And now, there's going to be Hades to pay for whoever did this.

**rated yellow due to some mild language and violence**

The authors don't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchises that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the authors. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


6. Allen Thorson

-Emma Rebecca Stark- 

I was sitting right next to mom, when a sudden boom erupted through the hospital. Then, this kid with a eye patch came busting through the wall.  Mom and I stood up, but before long, someone grabbed me from behind and started pulling me away from my mom. 

"Hey! Get the h-ll off of me!" I yelled, trying to hit him from behind. 

"Never love, we're soul mates!" An attractive accent whispered in my ear. 

"Well, I don't care if we're freaking soul mates, get the h-ll off of me!" I screamed. 

"EMMA!" Mom yelled, she tried to get to me, but my so called 'soul mate' kicked her away from me. 

"Hey! Don't kick my Mom! Let me GO!" I screamed on the top of my lungs, my anger heating up my fists. Literally, my whole body was heating up. I drew my elbow into his gut and gasped. I felt a sudden pain in my gut as well. 

"I told you we were soul mates!" The boy said. 

"Well, if you the honor of being my so called 'soul mate', would you mind telling me your name?" I snapped. 

"Allen Thorson." He said. Shoot. 

"Who? I don't remember Uncle Thor having kids...Unless your the stupid pair of twins Aunt Jane NEVER talks about!" He smacked me across the face. Well then! If he wants to physically fight! 

I punched him in the eye, but this time, I felt nothing. Except for maybe pure hatred. 

"How DARE you?" He snarled, getting ready to punch me. When he threw his fist at me, I caught it. 

"Excuse you?" I snapped, "Is abusing your 'soul mate' the way to treat a lady? I don't think so!" I realised that I wasn't on Earth. I was on Asgard. 

"Has my brother returned yet?" Allen asked a man that was in front of us. The man shook his head. I gasped. 

"HIEMMY!" I yelled jumping out of Allen's grasp and hugging the man that I just remembered. 

I looked up at him, and noticed his puzzled face ,then it turned into joy. 

"EMMA!" He remarked pleasantly, hugging me tighter. 

"I have business with my soul mate." Allen snapped, before grabbing me. 

"BUSINESS?! What KIND of business??" I asked. He didn't answer. 

"HEY!" I smacked him, and he froze. I was to angry with him to feel any pain. "I AM TALKING TO YOU!" I shrieked. He laughed. 

"I like your attitude!"  He stated, then started to drag me away. 

"That doesn't answer my question!!!" I roared. 

"Well, I'm not going to answer it!" He replied. 

I smacked him once again. 

"You unworthy b-tch! When my parents find you!" I was to angry to finish, so I just ended it with my favorite hand motion. Sliding my finger across my neck. 

"I am a god." Allen said. 

"Are you sure you're not Loki's..." I stopped myself. That just seemed WRONG. 

"What?" He asked. "Never mind." I said. He put me down and softly out his hand on my back and  led me to this building that I've never seen before in my life. 

Could things get any weirder? 

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