Liam's secret sister... Is a cheerleader?!?

Well hi there I should introduce myself. well I am Memory I have natural brown hair it is short it barely comes to my shoulders. I have hazel brown eyes. I am 5ft tall. I am a allstar cheerleader.
I cheer at cheer athletics I am on wildcats. I have 6 best friends I cheer with there is Ali, Dakota, Matt, Carly, Ashley and Caleb. I am 12 and I am a freshman In high school. I am homeschooled because cheerleading literally takes over my life. I am Liam Payne's little sister. Yeah you are probably freaking out right now. Well let me tell you it's not all it's cracked up to be. Only Ali knows that Liam is my big brother. Whenever the boys come to visit I either have to stay at Ali's or in my room. If your wondering why. Liam doesn't want me to be all over the news and get all the hate. So what happens when the boys come to visit and I am not told well read to find out.


4. chapter 3

Ali's POV

Aaahhhhh I can't believe Memory Didn't tell me her brother and his mates are back in town.

Memory's POV

SO you guys wanna have a competition with the tumbling? I ask

Everybody screams yes!! So how do you want to do this? I ask

Zayn chimes in lets do teams! Everybody agrees. So who's captains? I ask

Harry says I am one! Louis says why don't you be the other captain. I agree. Niall screams I call memory's team! Ali says I'll go with memz (ya it's a nickname) Louis says I'll go with Harry. Liam says I'll go with Harry. You not love me anymore bro?? I ask he says I still love you but competition is more fun! Ok so Zayn who's team is it going to be? I ask he says I'll go with yours so I can win!! Everyone laughs. So we start with the tumble track first. Harry pick a team mate to go. I say he says ok. Louis screams ME ME ME!!! Ok Louis it is Harry says. My team talks around and decides to start with the not so skilled people. So Zayn is up against Louis I say. You both have 2 warm up/practice rounds. Then you have to compete I say. Everyone agrees. They both do their warm up rounds. Now it's competition time. First up is Louis I say. His team cheers. He does a fronts roll to a cartwheel round off. His team cheers and me and Ali just look at each other like wow we have been doing that since we were 1. Next up is Zayn. Our team cheers. He does a punch front step out round off back handspring tuck!( for those of you who don't know what that is it's a front flip into a round off into a back flip with hands into a back flip without hands.) me and Ali look at each other like where did that come from. My team cheers for him. Me and Ali ask him in unison where did that come from? I use to take tumbling lesson before the Xfactor. Zayn says. So I think it's pretty obvious that our team won. Niall says. So now we are on the Olympic trampolines. And we get to chose who is next. Harry's team says Liam. We choose Niall. So they get their warm up/practice rounds and since we won Liam go's first. He does a back tuck, layout, front flip. I say you still got it bro!! He says thanks then Niall go's. He does a double back tuck, barani ( front half twist) kick full. Me and Ali say in unison that was amazing Niall. We both run up to him and jump onto him giving him a hug. Louis said well I think memory's team won that one!! Everyone agrees. Next up is rod floor. Harry go's for his team. Ali go's for mine. Harry goes first. He does a round off back handspring back roll! His team cheers for him. Me and Ali just laugh next up is Ali. She does a front handspring front full round off Arabian round off whip whip full whip whip double full. And sticks it I might add! I jump up and scream and run to her and jump on her! You are probably wonder why! We'll that is the first time she has actually landed it!! I scream it was perfect and amazing!!! She says thanks! When we turn around to walk back to the boys they are all standing there with their mouths on the floor!! Me and Ali laugh. I walk up to them and say you might want to close your mouths before you catch flys!! They all quickly close there mouths and say in unison that was freaking awesome!! Ali says thanks and Liam says I think memory's team wins!! Everyone agrees and I say I still haven't gone!! All the guys look at each other looking for someone to step up and go against me! Finally Harry says I'll go against you! I say ok!! So we do the cheer floor!!

Harry goes first I say you have to do a routine with music!! He says ok and the Guys bring him a cd. So I put it on. Turns out it was a mix of their songs!! So Harry starts with a spread eagle And it just goes down hill from there! It's finally mine turn and I have Ali turn our cheer music on and I start with a triple toe standing full through to a back handspring whip full whip whip double! And land it then I go and do my double front full step out round off one an a half step out whip full whip whip double reversal (front flip) step out round off double whip whip double double triple!! And stick it and go to the dance part and work it and end with a standing full land in a split and I look up and see all the guys in pain and with their mouths on the ground. Ali runs over to me and says you finally stuck that pass and hugs me!! Zayn speaks up and looks at Harry and says sorry mate but I think you got served by a 12 year old girl!! All the guys agree and laugh. Harry says I think your right. Niall comes up to me and gives me a hug and a high five and says that It looked amazing!! I smile an say thanks. Liam comes up to me and says you really have gotten better since the last time I saw you!! He says and hugs me!! I say let's go do something fun but let me change first!! They all agree and me and Ali head upstairs to change.

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