Liam's secret sister... Is a cheerleader?!?

Well hi there I should introduce myself. well I am Memory I have natural brown hair it is short it barely comes to my shoulders. I have hazel brown eyes. I am 5ft tall. I am a allstar cheerleader.
I cheer at cheer athletics I am on wildcats. I have 6 best friends I cheer with there is Ali, Dakota, Matt, Carly, Ashley and Caleb. I am 12 and I am a freshman In high school. I am homeschooled because cheerleading literally takes over my life. I am Liam Payne's little sister. Yeah you are probably freaking out right now. Well let me tell you it's not all it's cracked up to be. Only Ali knows that Liam is my big brother. Whenever the boys come to visit I either have to stay at Ali's or in my room. If your wondering why. Liam doesn't want me to be all over the news and get all the hate. So what happens when the boys come to visit and I am not told well read to find out.


14. chapter 13

Memory's POV

"Guys lets go! so I can prove I am right." I say "We're coming hold up!!" Says Nash. We get into my cheer gym. "ok guys rode floor or cheer floor?" I ask the guys "um cheer floor." Hayes says. "Ok, can I have some music please?" I ask "yeah sure Louis turn some music on." Says Liam. Louis walks over and puts something on. As soon as it plays turns out that it is one direction! Of course he plays this!! "Really? Louis really why did you turn that on! Just play 23, turn down for what, we own it mix with those songs or one of my cheer mixes!" I say. "I got this." Ali says, she grabs her phone and of course the first song that plays is the Cameron Dallas song. as soon as it plays I die laughing, because she is a bright re color! "Omg that is hilarious. Omg Ali I told you one day that song would make me laugh!!" Carly says, Ali is still red Cameron is dying!! "Ali just turn it off!" I say, "I'm trying it won't stop playing!!" She says "just unplug it and here's my phone" I say tossing my phone at her. She does it and turns on 23. "Ok now I will tumble!" I say, "about time" says Taylor with mega says. "Bro I would watch the sass. if you want to be able I walk and have children one day!" I say all the guys die in laughter fits. Taylor says. "I'm not afraid of a 12 year old." I look at him and I start tumbling with my warm up. Round off whip whip full double. I stuck it I then go front handspring punch front, front full step out round off whip whip double double reversal stepout round off Arabian double back. Whip double!! And I stuck it I might add. "Now on to standing tumbling." I say. I do a standing full the a standing double full then standing double full back handspring whip whip double double stick. Then I do a standing double back. And stick it. "Is that enough for ya?"I ask, they all have their mouths on the floor it's pretty funny! "Ok memory your wrong Hayes is right your freaking amazing!!" Says Matt I laugh "whatever!" I say, "that was amazing baby girl!" Liam says, "thanks big bro" I say. "Memory can I talk to you in private?" Hayes asks. Liam nods at him, ok this is officially weird. "Uh sure!" I say with a smile. He grabs my hand and I get a tingle go through my body. We walk out of the gym and go to the kitchen. Hayes scratches the back of his neck. Ok he is nervous about something. It's a tell on guys I grew up with a big brother. I know. "Um memory uh would you like to uh be my uh girlfriend?" "Yes I would love to be your girlfriend! Hayes, just please promise you won't break my heart. And you won't take my focus off of cheer please! I am ok with you coming to practice and comps just please promise me!"I say, "wait you actually said yes?" Hayes asks, "yes did you not want me to?" I ask, "no no I wanted you to I just didn't think you would say yes, and I promise!" He says. I hug him, "I love you! He says to me, I smile, "I love you to!" I say, btw I don't kiss. I say pulling away, he smiles at me and says "good because I don't either and I didn't want you to think I was totally weird." He says I smile and hug him. "Wait what about Liam?" I ask "it's all good I already asked him before I asked you." He says smiling. "Awe that's so sweet! And your smile is adorable!" I say. "We should go before they start wondering where we are." I say and grab his hand. "Wait I hear something they are listening on the other side of the door." I whisper where all Hayes can hear. He smiles. "How about we kick the door?" I whisper. He nods, I hold up my fingers and count down to one. And we kick the door. I hear all of them saying ow. I laugh and open the door and say. "Maybe you shouldn't listen in on other peoples conversations." I look down and realize me and Hayes are still holding hands. I smile. All the girls awe. I laugh "ok what are we gonna do?" I ask. "How about I invite the girls over and they can help you girls get ready and we can all get ready and then we can go out to eat then go to a movie then you girls can go dress shopping." Liam says, "it all sounds good except the dressing up and dress shopping." I say "oh shut up and get over it memory." Says Nash with his little preppy girl tone. "Don't tell my girlfriend to shut up!" Says Hayes. I smile "fine I won't tell her to shut up. So shut up Hayes." Nash says. I glare at him and say "apologize!" " and why would I do that?" He asks. I glare and say " apologize now. Or I can just beat you and upload it to vine and have it show that you are scared of a 12 year old girl." " you wouldn't!" He says "oh just try me!" I say with a smirk. "Fine! Ugh! I am sorry Hayes." Nash says and roles his eyes. Excuse me. That doesn't count. You have to mean it." I say "fine I am sorry Hayes!" Nash says. "It's ok" Hayes says. I smile and hug Hayes. Nash starts making puking noises. I walk up to Nash and slap him in the face. "What was that for?" Nash asks. "You were being rude and your just jealous. I say and walk back over to Hayes. Hayes hugs me and whispers I love you in my ear. I blush really bad. Liam comes and says "the girls will be here in like 3 minutes." We nod. Me and Hayes walk over to where Carls, als, adds, Matt and Kota. "You guys are so cute! Can I please take a pic?" Carls says. I look at Hayes he nods. "why not." I say I hug Hayes and he kisses my cheek. And Carls takes the pic. "Awe that was so cute!" All the girls say. "I am gonna upload to Instagram. Carls says, "WE ARE HERE!!!" Perrie screams. "Oh and we brought some friends to help." She says. this time. "This is Jade, Leigh Anne and Jesy." Perrie says. "Perrie I know who they are. Are you forgetting who my brother is?" I ask. She laughs and says "how could I." "Ok let's go get you girls ready." Taylor swift says. We nod I hug Hayes and I get dragged up the stairs. "Ok so for memory your wearing this dress." Mika says pulling a dress out of the bag. It's blue it has 1 sleeve it is a long sleeve. It's covered in rhinestones. The dress is short and is like roushed up. And has a bunch of sparkles in the fabric. "Guys I look bad in dresses and I don't want to look fat in front of Hayes." "Girl you are not fat and what's up with you and Hayes." Perrie asks. " uh well he asked me to be his girlfriend." I say smiling. "Awe that's so cute!" Jade said. "Oh and here these are for you to wear." Eleanor says handing me some diamond earrings that match the sparkles on my dress. Someone knocks on my door. I walk over and open it I almost scream. It's Selena Gomez. "Omg your Selena Gomez what are you doing here?" I like freak when I say it. "Well some friends of mine invited me. But I can leave if you want." She says. "No no I am so happy!!" I said. "Guys can you possibly straighten my hair and pull a piece from the front to the side on both sides?" I ask. "Of course we can!" Selena says. I smile. "Ok now for the rest of your dresses." Jesy says. "Ok for Ali we have this dress!" Says Eleanor. It's a teal dress with the tutu bottom. The top has a ton of detailing. It's gorgeous. "For Carly here is your dress." Says Taylor. It's a pink dress it's a mermaid dress it goes from light pink to and dark pink it's pretty. And has a lot of sparkles and details to. "For Addi we have this one." Mika says it's a sweetheart neck line. It's purple and is a tighter dress and has like a lace overlay and has rhinestones spread around the dress it perfect for her. "Here we got you all the same shoes." Says Perrie. There are rhinestones all over them an they are heels. "Go get them on and we will start hair and makeup." Selena says, we go in the bathroom. I start to get dressed I am finished when Carls asks "can you lace up my dress?" "Yeah sure." I say. "All done" I say "thanks girlie" Carls says. "No problem!" I say. "Can one of you lace us up?" Adds and Als say " yeah" xme and Carls say. I walk over to Als and Carls gets Adds. We walk out of the bathroom. All the girls look over."you all look gorgeous!" Selena says. "On to hair and make up I will do memory's hair and taylor will do your makeup." Selena says, "I will take Ali and do her hair and makeup Perrie says, " me and Leigh Anne will take Addi. Jesy says, "Jade and I will take Carly." Says mika.

*timeskip to after makeup and hair*

They finished my hair it's straight and has 2 little pieces pulled to the side. We alI have a little smokey eye. And Carly's hair is curled and pulled back some hair and put a tiara In it. Ali's is straight and has her bangs pulled to the side and addis is straight with a poof. We put on earrings and our shoes. The girls are all in really pretty dresses. Taylor has a red one. Selena has a emerald green dress. Jade has a jade color dress. Jesy has a yellow dress. Perrie has a black and nude lace dress. Mika has a grey lace sparkly dress. Eleanor has a coral dress. Leigh Anne has a peach dress. We head down to the boys. We get down there all the boys are in suits. An jake is here. But Hayes looks adorable. His tie is the same color as my dress and jakes is the same color as Ali's dress. Kotas the same color as Addi's dress. Matts is the same Color as Carly's dress. Niall's is the same as Selena's dress. Zayn's is the same color as perries dress. Liam's the same color as Mika's dress. Louis' is the same color as Eleanor's dress. Harry's is the same color as Taylor's. Cameron,Nash,Matt, Taylor, Jack and Jack. Have black ties. Hayes walks up to me. "You look absolutely stunning." Hayes says. "Awe you look amazing." I say. " is that it all I get?" Hayes asks with a little smirk. "Sorry your super hot!" I say. " much better." He says and kisses my cheek and grabs my hand. We head over to where everyone else is and and get in the limo. We head to the movies....

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