Liam's secret sister... Is a cheerleader?!?

Well hi there I should introduce myself. well I am Memory I have natural brown hair it is short it barely comes to my shoulders. I have hazel brown eyes. I am 5ft tall. I am a allstar cheerleader.
I cheer at cheer athletics I am on wildcats. I have 6 best friends I cheer with there is Ali, Dakota, Matt, Carly, Ashley and Caleb. I am 12 and I am a freshman In high school. I am homeschooled because cheerleading literally takes over my life. I am Liam Payne's little sister. Yeah you are probably freaking out right now. Well let me tell you it's not all it's cracked up to be. Only Ali knows that Liam is my big brother. Whenever the boys come to visit I either have to stay at Ali's or in my room. If your wondering why. Liam doesn't want me to be all over the news and get all the hate. So what happens when the boys come to visit and I am not told well read to find out.


13. chapter 12

Hayes POV

After the girls headed upstairs.I Asked Liam if I could talk to him in private.

We walk into another room. "Um Liam I was wondering if it would be ok if I asked your sister out?" I asked."Hayes I appreciate you asking me first. I know how much you like memory and how much she likes you. But you break her heart I will break you." He says " I promise I won't. Thank you!" I say " your welcome and thank you for asking!" He said.

Memory's POV

I jump out of the shower dry off and put on my sports bra and nike pros. I threw a blue stretchy head band in and scrunch curled my hair. And grab my blue nike pull over (it doesn't have a hood and has the thumb hole) right as I open my door the girls are stand there with their pull overs that match the color of their nike pros. We run down stairs. Taylor, Matt, Jack and Jack are here. All the guys hear us when we get to the bottom of the stairs. They turn around. Nash says "did you know you are all matching?" "Yes Grier we did. Did you know you ask stupid questions a lot?" I asked. All the guys said "burn!" "Yes memory I do know I ask a bunch of question. Did you know your a royal Payne?" Said Nash. "Yes I know I am a royal and my last name is Payne. Thank you have a nice day." I said. Everyone started dying in laughter. Taylor spoke up and said "you must be the memory that I hear about all the time from Hayes." Hayes blushed a crimson color. " awe that's sweet Hayes. Yes I am memory. You are Taylor the one who chased down one of my brothers mates." I said. " wait hold up your brother? Which one is your brother?" Taylor asked "Liam Payne get it Memory Payne. Me and Grier over here just had a fight. He used my last name." I said. "Oh that makes sense now." Taylor said "wow someone's smart!" I said everyone started laughing. "Oh and hi Matt, Jack and Jack." I say "hi I have heard you Are a really good cheerleader." Matt said. " eh I guess I am kinda good." I said. "Uh whatever you are freaking amazing!" Said Hayes,Nash and cam. "Well we can judge and see who's right." Said Matt, Taylor, Jack and Jack......

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