Liam's secret sister... Is a cheerleader?!?

Well hi there I should introduce myself. well I am Memory I have natural brown hair it is short it barely comes to my shoulders. I have hazel brown eyes. I am 5ft tall. I am a allstar cheerleader.
I cheer at cheer athletics I am on wildcats. I have 6 best friends I cheer with there is Ali, Dakota, Matt, Carly, Ashley and Caleb. I am 12 and I am a freshman In high school. I am homeschooled because cheerleading literally takes over my life. I am Liam Payne's little sister. Yeah you are probably freaking out right now. Well let me tell you it's not all it's cracked up to be. Only Ali knows that Liam is my big brother. Whenever the boys come to visit I either have to stay at Ali's or in my room. If your wondering why. Liam doesn't want me to be all over the news and get all the hate. So what happens when the boys come to visit and I am not told well read to find out.


12. chapter 11

Memory's POV

The movie had only been on for about 10 minutes and I had already screamed 15 times. It was so scary. The boys were laughing at me. But Hayes just put his arm around me. He whispers in my ear and says "it's ok I got you." I got butterflies when he said that. I slowly started to fall asleep with my head on Hayes' chest. I was out within seconds.

*timeskip to morning*

I woke up and looked around and realized that I was still on Hayes' lap. He was still asleep so I slowly got up trying not to wake him up. I didn't manage to do it. He woke up and looked at me. He said " where are you going?" "I have practice I gotta get the girls, Kota and Matt up. To get ready."I said and I checked my phone. "We have an hour and a half to get ready and be at the gym." I said he says "ok. Can I come watch?" I answer " if you want to but we only get a few breaks and we will be there till 1. He gets up and says " ok I am coming." I smile and start wake up everyone that has to practice. Kota and Matt got changed in the guest bedroom. Me and the girls went to my room. We got up to my room as soon as I closed the door. Carls says "omg you and Hayes were so cute last night!" " yeah you were I posted a pic on Instagram." Says Adds " you were totally adorable last night. I am so jealous." Says Als. " chill out guys we aren't even dating. Oh and Hayes is coming to our practice. We better start getting ready." I say. " awe that's so sweet!" They all say. We all get our flight crew sports bras on with our. Chevron silver and blue nike pros. We all poof our hair. Put in a blue bow that says flight crew in silver on it. Mine and adds hair is half up half down. Carls and Als hair is in high ponytails. We all put on our nfinitys and our jackets that. Have wild crew on the pack in big letters and on the top left front part next to the zipper. Says flyer under it says our names. We grab our sparkly silver nfinity bags that have a blue nfinity sign on it with our names. We grab our phones and run down stairs. We get to the bottom. Matt, Kota and Hayes our waiting there for us. I leave a note on the counter and text all the boys where we are going and that Hayes is coming with us. We pile in the limo. We head to the gym which isn't to far from our house. We get to the gym. I show Hayes where to go to watch. He sits there and smiles. We get on one of the floors and start stretching. Coach comes out and says " hey guys we have 2 new members on our team. Lady's first her name is Addi. Come introduce yourself." Addi stands up walks over to coach. " well my name is Addi. I moved here from spirit of Texas. I am 12 years old. I have already made friends. With memory,Carly ,Matt ,Kota and Ali. They have all been really sweet and I am ready to be apart of this team." She says with a smile. She comes and sits back down. "Ok next is Jake hicks. He will be apart of our team" she says and he walks in. He smiles and him and Ali make eye contact.they go into a daze. They finally snap out of it. Jake says " well you know I am Jake I have a twin. I moved here from Cali coed. I am 13." He sits down next to Ali and they start talking. We all finish stretching out and coach says "One more thing we will be picking captain for boys and girls and 3 co captains 2 girls and a boy. So make sure you put your all in it." We go to first stunt me on the left line on middle and Ali on right. One of Ali's bases broke their leg so Jake will be her base. I have both guy bases but their all like big bros to me. I only have 2 bases cause I can hit without a backspot. I have Caleb Martin as one and spencer clan as my other one. Ali's bases are Gatlin Holden and Jake hicks. Carls is on the other side of Ali her bases are Matt and Ryan musgrove. Adds is on the other side of me and her base is Kota and kade. We do a double up to a needle scale rotate to bow n arrow heelstretch kick double. Forward out. Front hand spring up to a scale half turn to stomach push back up to needle double down. We hit perfectly.

*time skip to after practice*

Dang I am Hungary now. I go to get my jacket on and switch my shoes to my blue nikes with a rhinestone nike swoosh on. I head up to go get Hayes. I get up to him and he smiles at me and walks over and says " you are really good. At cheer." He smiled at me and walks forward for a hug. I stop him and say " you might not want to do that I sweat a lot and I stink." He says " I don't care and you don't smell bad. Your perfect." He smiled. I hug him and we walk over to the office where coach is gonna tell us captains and co captains. " ok for your 2 girl co captains it's changed to 3. First is Carly then Addi then Ali." Coach says. I smiled for them but I was kinda down. Because I don't see myself getting head captain. "Next up is boys co captain I have decided 2 of you deserve it. first is Matt then it's Jake." Coach says. Kota did the same thing as me because he doesn't think he will get head captain he probably will though. "Ok for your boy captain drum roll please. Is Dakota. For the girls it's memory." Coach says before I could grasp it everyone was congratulating me. Then it registered. I smiled so big. Hayes comes up and gives me a hug me said "I knew you would get it." I smiled and said "thanks!" We all piled back in the limo and headed to my house.we get to my house. I run in and I see Liam. I tackle him to the ground. " what was that for?" he said. " I got head captain! And Dakota got head of the guys and the girls got co and this kid Jake and Matt got co captains for the boys." I say. " congrats sis and guys." Liam said the rest of the guys said congrats or good job. " I'm Hungary guys!!!" I whine. " what do you want to eat?" Liam says " I want Taco Bell. I want nachos, 2 fiesta potatoes no sour cream and 3 chicken soft shell tacos with only cheese and a medium black cherry freeze." I say they all look at me like I am weird except for Ali. Hayes finally speaks up and says " where do you put all that food?" " in my belly!" I say like a little kid. they all laugh. Zayn speaks up and says" she eats like a little Niall." They all agree. "I will send the butler to get it." Liam says. Cam speaks and says " hey guys could Matt,jack and jack and Taylor come over?" "Of course they can,but wait a sec isn't Taylor caniff the one who ran down the road chasing Harry's car. And finally Harry stopped and they got a selfie? He is the crazy directioner isn't he." I say. Cam looks at me and asks" how did you know all that?" " first off my brother is Liam Payne. Second off I watch like all your guys videos and vines. Btws they are hilarious." I say. "Glad to hear you like us. And yeah he is but I can make him chill." Cam says "ok" I say. " well guys I need a shower and change I will be back." I say "us to" said carls,Als and adds. We go upstairs. We all grab matching sports bra and nike pro set. They are all the same just different colors mine is black base with royal blue polka dots. Als is teal polka dots. Carls is pink polka dots, adds is lime green polka dots. "Ok so carls you can

Use the bathroom off of your room and Als you can use yours and adds you can youse the guest bedroom and bathroom. I promise I will make a room for you to." I say " it's fine and ok." She says and carls and Als both say "ok" I walk into my bathroom I put my phone on the iPhone Dock on the counter and play cheer music. I start the shower and jump in.

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