Liam's secret sister... Is a cheerleader?!?

Well hi there I should introduce myself. well I am Memory I have natural brown hair it is short it barely comes to my shoulders. I have hazel brown eyes. I am 5ft tall. I am a allstar cheerleader.
I cheer at cheer athletics I am on wildcats. I have 6 best friends I cheer with there is Ali, Dakota, Matt, Carly, Ashley and Caleb. I am 12 and I am a freshman In high school. I am homeschooled because cheerleading literally takes over my life. I am Liam Payne's little sister. Yeah you are probably freaking out right now. Well let me tell you it's not all it's cracked up to be. Only Ali knows that Liam is my big brother. Whenever the boys come to visit I either have to stay at Ali's or in my room. If your wondering why. Liam doesn't want me to be all over the news and get all the hate. So what happens when the boys come to visit and I am not told well read to find out.


2. chapter 1

Memory's POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock blaring nobody compares. I love that song it makes me feel special. So back to the point I got out of bed got dressed. I put on my skinny dark jeans with my black and melon stripe 3 quarter length shirt. With a little black jacket over it. I went to my bathroom and did my hair I straightened it. I put in a little black head band in. I went to look for a pair of shoes. Found them I said to myself. My favorite shoes they are black tennis shoes with the wedges they have a fake zipper around them for fashion use. After I get them tied and put on. I grab my MacBook it's royal blue. My homework is on the MacBook. So I start my homework. After a couple hours I am done. I go down stairs to get something to eat because I am always hungry. I am about to grab the Oreos and a glass of milk when I hear guys voices heading towards me. At first I was scared. When they got closer to me i could tell that one was Liam. GREAT I thought to myself (note the sarcasm) then I hear a Irish accent saying lets get something to eat I am hungry. Then I hear a British accent say you are always hungry but ok. CRAP I say to myself. I hear footsteps getting closer. I need to find a place to hide before they see me. Yes found it. I hide in a little shelf like thing. We use to use it for when we would play hide n seek when I was little. Thank God for making me small I can still fit in it. I hear them come in the kitchen they start opening different cabinets and the fridge. Digging for food because they are boys. Then I hear footsteps coming closer to the cabinet shelf thing I am in. I am praying to God they don't open it. My luck they open it. They scream which makes me scream. When I look up I see blue eyes that can only belong to the one and only Niall Horan. Then everyone runs over. Liam walks in and asks what's all the noise from. They all point at me. Liam's face was priceless. He comes over and helps me out. Then he asks what are you doing here? I say I live here smart one. The boys look at me like I am crazy. Then Niall speaks up and says would one of you like to explain what's going on? Me and Liam look at each other and say at the same time go sit on the couches we will explain. We all walk into the living room and sit.

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