The New Girl-Transformers

There's been no 'Con activity for a while, but the guys are getting new recruits. One is a girl from Sector 13. What's that?


2. Chapter Two

"Yo, dat ain' cool." I raise an eyebrow as I hear the words fly out of the mouth of a green robot towering over me.

"What isn't?" He blinks and looks down at me.

"Hey, Mudflap! It's a squishy femme!"


"Down there, you stupid."

"You're callin me stupid, stupid?"


"Ladies, you're both pretty," the Seargent walks up. "Behave. This is Miss Kayla Bright."

"Kaleya, actually," I correct him.

"That's...different." I keep a straight face, but on the inside, I'm smirking.

"Well, Miss Bright, if you'll follow me, I'll take you to the leader of the Autobots." I nod and he starts to walk away. I roll my eyes and follow.

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