The New Girl-Transformers

There's been no 'Con activity for a while, but the guys are getting new recruits. One is a girl from Sector 13. What's that?


1. Chapter One

Chapter One


    “Bright, Kaleya.” I turn and confirm my presence to the Sergeant and he nods, moving on down the line of new recruits. The other names don’t matter. All that matters is that I’m here. And I get to work with huge, metallic aliens that turn into cars.

    A man walks in, and nods to the Sargeant. “At ease.” We relax. You’ve all been brought here to NEST because of your skills. My name is Major William Lennox. This is my friend, Sergeant Robert Epps. If you will follow him to your bunks.” The others walk off with him. “Miss Bright, come with me please.” I step up next to him as he leads me through multiple hallways, my blonde hair flowing behind me. “so, you’re from Sector Thirteen?”

    “Yes.” He nods. People nod a lot around here. I fight the urge to grin.

    “Most of those guys won’t get to have clearance for what you know.” I agree. “Do you know any of them?”

    “The recruits? No.” He makes an ah sound and turns another corner, leading us out of the building.

    “Do you happen to know why your Sector sent you here?” I don’t answer. “It’s...I guess it’s none of my business.”

    “I wouldn’t say that, Major. It’s more of a...personal choice.” He nods.

    “We’re here.” We’ve stopped in front of another buiding, bigger than the first.

    “This is theirs?” He confirms it, stepping up to a control pad.

    “Major William Lennox.” The doors open. “Come on in. They don’t bite.” Speak for yourself.

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