My Little Demon

He's My Demon


1. Chapter 1

When i woke up today. I didn't think that i would meet a vampire.... or is he a demon? Well i kinda fell in love with him and know before you say this is a Twilight story think again. Did i mention that my family’s blood line is Vampire Hunters? Well i found out the hard way i brought him home. I might need to start from the begging. The first day of senior year at Foley High in Foley alabama.  I walked up to my friends and started talking to them. “Who is that?” i said looking at a tall dark hair guy “Mason He is from London” Katie said. i walked off “where are you going?” Brian asked “to make a new friend duh” I walked over to him “Hi i’m Katt Morgan. Who are you?” I asked nicely i didn't want to scare him. He smirked and looked at me “Look here Katt i Will vote for you just bug off” i looked at him and my face got red “I don't want no damn votes i just wanted to see if you are a prick or not and im guessing so!” i yelled i grabbed my stuff and started to walk off “I’m sorry Katt and by the way i’m Mason Clark.” he yelled and ran up to me “Well nice to met you Mason now would you like to meet my friends?” i smirked and walked off he followed “Sure.” We walked up to them “That is Tayla She is really close to me .” I pointed to a Light skinned girl  l “thats Brian” i said pointing to the guy next to her that has brown hair “ that is Kiana She is like my mom.” i said pointing to a girl a little shorter than me “Then there is Justin and Kaitlyn” I said pointing to The couple “And last but not lest my Wife Jessie and her boyfriend Antowine.” I said pointing to a blonde hair girl standing next to a dark colored guy. “Where’s you boyfriend?” “oh i don’t have one” I said kinda sad “Oh Sorry” i just walked off I heard jessie talk behind me “Her Ex Boyfriend Died i wouldn’t talk about it she is emotional” I just keep walking  

~Skip the Day~ 

I walked to my car that had Mason siting on the trunk. “How did you know this is my car?” I asked “Jessie” he smirked “i’m going to kill her” i mumbled he just chuckled “Can I Hang out with you?” he asked kinda nervous “Yea why not?” we got in my Doge  Truck and drove off “So why did you move to Alabama?” I asked “my parents thought that it would be good for me.” He said disappointed “Sorry......... Our Town is little so its not much around to do.” I said “Its Ok I would love to get to know you Katt you seem to try and make everyone seem special” Mason said yea i think he’s telling the truth.  I mean if I see someone alone I try to talk to them and be there friend but not every one its nice. We drive until we stop at my little 4 bedroom house. “My moms not home but i’m the youngest out of me and my family an i live with my mom so yea” i said not knowing what to say. We walked inside He looked at all of the pictures on the walls “Who’s that?” he asked looking at a picture that my dad took when i was 12. 

~Flash Back~

“Come on Katt You and Kyler Are going to be late for you dance” my dad yelled at me. tonight was the first time me and Kyler were going out together his mom was dropping us off at school “I’m coming” i said walking down the stairs of our old house i had on a baby blue dress that went to my knees and was puffy. “Wow” was all Kyler could say i blushed “is you’r mom here?” i asked walking over to him “yea ready?” “wait i want a picture” my dad said we took there pictures and then left for the dance when we got there Kyler had asked me out and i said yes. 

~Flash Back over~

We dated until he died he was going to ask me to marry him at graduation. “Katt.....Katt” mason called “what?” i asked “never mind” He pointed to another picture “is that you’r dad?” he asked “yea” i said “what happen to him?” he asked nerves “i don’t know my mom was working late and i had came home at 11 the night of the dance....” i said pointing to the other picture he took “ and he was stabbed i found him in our kitchen, thats why we had to move i missed him so much that i stayed in my room for a whole month Kyler would come over and see me some when he could i was lost i finally had to go back to school.” i said  “ Oh i’m sorry.” “its ok its not your fault”  “Yea i no Can you take me home?” he asked "Yea Lets go" And with that we left 

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