A World Of Death

In a universe co-existing with ours, one lone solider dares to breech the laws of the alien parasites controlling the dimension. Will he survive the uprising, or will death sweep him to a coffin?


1. Prologue

Earth Alpha H, 2571

"Get the hell outa here, it's gonna blow" The sharp toned Commander yelled at his comrades as project GX_42 began its final stage of ignition.

That was it.

They had won.

Unless... Soldier 973 grabbed the laser rifle, charged it, and blasted the base of project GX_42 with an astounding amount of force, disintegrating it from the source upwards.

Success! A quick celebration was cut short by a commanding mission control radio transmission.

"Have you done it, are the parasites dead?" Blurted a weak and static filled message.

"Yes sir, all enemies destroyed"  Solider 877 said into the wrist monitor as they entered the ZMS Fligeron, dead set for base Beta 1. "were coming back."

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