A World Of Death

In a universe co-existing with ours, one lone solider dares to breech the laws of the alien parasites controlling the dimension. Will he survive the uprising, or will death sweep him to a coffin?


2. Portals

They arrived. Not to a hero's welcome, not to a crowd of applauding fans, but the solemn looking ship landing crew.

"This place is a complete hell hole, just look at all the rubble!  Only the toughest or stupidest people would train here!" complained soldier 877.

"Well, you aren't tough, so we know why your here." Solider 973 joked, glad they were friends.

The rusty hatchway opened slowly, and they dragged themselves through the illuminating corridor which lead to mission control. They were debriefed with the same sarcastic sounding congratulatory speech, and all members of the crew left for the dorm,  lucky to be entering again.

"hey, Xavier, you wanna cigarette?" asked solider 877.

"nah, you know I don't smoke, and you cant do that in here Steve!" snapped solider 973. "And get that laser blaster off my bed, that that could blow any second!"

"Well, my work here is done, and I will see you at the new mess hall. Down two flights of stairs, take a right then follow the red arrows on the floor. Bye" With that he left, down the first flight of corrugated metal stairs, adjacent to the doorway. Xavier finished unpacking the small backpack and hoped he'd avoid the sharp piercing glare of the lower ranks as he glared out the window into the courtyard.

Slowly he reached what seemed to be a black, enveloping corridor, unlike the usual old lane he was used to. At this point he realised what had happened, an attack had been launched. This would explain the solemn stares of the sad landing crew, the new set of instructions for the mess hall, and the rubble scattered around the courtyard.

"A hypostasis on a scale like this needs enquiring into" Xavier muttered under his breath, worried. He reached the stairs, and began to descend.

"How many flights was it? I cant tell with all these bloody hatches, I'll say this one." Another corridor swallowed him, and it lead to a rusted, brass door. Knowing he'd taken a wrong turn, Xavier turned to clamber up the stairs, but he was stopped dead in his tracks.

A strange blue and purple oval appeared before him.

"Odd," he muttered " these are only fired by the new one point eight dimension blaster, they should be in the lab, not here." Suddenly he felt a shove from the back. he turned, but it was too late. he began to fall through the portal...


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