A World Of Death

In a universe co-existing with ours, one lone solider dares to breech the laws of the alien parasites controlling the dimension. Will he survive the uprising, or will death sweep him to a coffin?


5. Explanation

"The end of all our problems... Behold!" The base light to the chamber illuminated itself, making the unknown fluid and it's inhabitant become ever so slightly bioluminescent, not that the creature within needed another reason to stand out. It was stark naked, with a humanoid appearance, but ever so subtle tinges of purple in the skin, or was that the light? A large, protruding tail was clasped in between it's bony, elongated fingers. The only other feature distinguishable from this angle was the eyes. They were red, crimson to be exact, but that was it, no pupil or separate iris.

"I know exactly what your thinking... You want to see his whole body?" Piper continued, "hold on". A large hissing on compressors and hydraulics rang throughout the empty space, and the chamber holding the thing expanded, allowing the creature to expand out of it's original foetal position.

"Amazing, isn't he, the boys down in genetics are calling him project 973, for obvious reasons." And at this point Piper stepped back to allow Xavier the final gaze. It was horrific, nightmare inducing, colossal, it was... him.

"hhmm, I must congratulate the engineering lot for that chamber. The switch from glass to force resistant holographic containment light, or FRHC if you will, was truly revolutionary. What's wrong solider, you look like you've been shot!"

"It's... It's... How?" Xavier stuttered.

"Oh my," Piper realised "I thought you knew. In that case I've got some explaining to do. Please, walk with me..." She beckoned towards the corridor they first arrived from.

"Well, let's start with the ID issue." She began, "You'll need a new one. Since The Reform our ranks shuffled around, and in a position such as yours, You'll be in the Alpha Delta crew it seems." She scanned her arm computer for the records.

"I have many, many questions. Firstly, what reform?" Xavier asked, his confusion ever growing.

"Ah," came the reply, " the tricky bit. You shouldn't be here. After the war of 2571 almost ten years ago now, you died."

Xavier tried to force words out of his mouth, no suck luck, sheer astonishment and pure bewilderment flooded upon him in an instant, and all sense of logic was thrown away.

"I see you're confused, as expected," Piper went on, "But the only way for us to ensure the planet's safety if a rebound attack should occur was to take the body of a fallen hero and fuse him with the DNA of the enemy, and you were our best bet. That's why we named him 973, after your old self."

"Old self?"

"yes. Since The Reform, your old life wasn't deemed acceptable for active service, so we were in the process of altering your brain's behavioral traits to help you re-adjust, in holding cell Q-47. But it seems you woke up from treatment prematurely, hence my surprise in meeting you around here." 

"Ok," Said Xavier, attempting to understand the situation,"But what's The Reform?"

"Later," piper snapped "We've arrived, which is strange, because no breach in security has been logged, and there's still reading of life signs in there. Did you do this?" She started to sound more irritable, almost angry now.

"No, I swear. I'm a general marine, no special training given."

"True. But then... Never mind. In, now!" And with that she shut down the arm computer, and turned away as steam rose out of the now rising cell door, and pushed him into the dark void known as the cell. 

Then the robots took over...


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