A World Of Death

In a universe co-existing with ours, one lone solider dares to breech the laws of the alien parasites controlling the dimension. Will he survive the uprising, or will death sweep him to a coffin?


4. Discovery

"Welcome, to The Lab..." It was a large room, a Central computer, side doors, XQ containment chambers, all pretty standard stuff, except... There! In the corner of the dimly lit surgeon's quarters... What was it?

"Ah... I see you've found project 1178," Piper explained, as if it were nothing of mere importance' "A... Hybrid if you will. The answer to the problems which faced us in the last war..."

"Get the hell outa here, it's gonna blow" The words rang in his head like a hellish omen.

"... The ignoramus' wont know what hit them after it hits them... come here!"

She tapped on the glass, quite angrily, forcing its face to show.... 



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