A World Of Death

In a universe co-existing with ours, one lone solider dares to breech the laws of the alien parasites controlling the dimension. Will he survive the uprising, or will death sweep him to a coffin?


3. Begininngs

Three seconds later he'd travelled nowhere, but he knew he'd been pushed. Nothing was different, except the once unlighted bulb had been resurrected.

"Hhhmmm... Right, to the mess hall."  The ever prolonging corridor was as the name suggested, but he was starting to tire, and sat on a pipe.

"Identification code Solider!" came the voice. Xavier turned around to see a female commander staring at him. Her long, flowing brown hair draped over the ID tag, so he had no clue who she was. Deep green eyes stared into his heart all the while having her lips captivating him, and her uniform complimented her figure, making her just ooze with beauty...

"well... I'm waiting." she commented. He hadn't realised he'd been staring.

"Erm..." Xavier stumbled. "Alpha Iota 973" he remembered

"This way... Now." She said, making him wondered what he'd done wrong. As they walked it became clear.

"I'm Supreme Commander Piper, and you shouldn't be here. Our ranks only go up to Alpha Iota 951, And The disturbance in the corridor means... Well..." She stopped. "we're here now. Please" He stepped though...

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