The Door

There is a door. Where does it lead?


3. War World

You timidly walk through the door, as you peek around the old wooden frame, you see a world filled with devastation.  The wreckage is much like the one in the Alien Universe you saw earlier.  There are dozens of soldiers having at each other with all they've got.  On one side, you see big, muscular soldiers in red uniform mostly relying on man-power to win the war, with only small pistols in a holster on their left leg.  On the other side, however, almost exactly the opposite unfolds before you.  Small, timid soldiers battle with big guns and missiles in blue uniform.  No-body seemed to be winning, but one thing was certain.  You had been spotted!  One of the huge red soldiers was squeezing your arm tightly and wildly wafting a fist in your face.  A blue soldier came running up to you and pointed a particularly nasty looking gun at the red soldier.  He squeezed the trigger, fired!

But you where already flying across the world, and back out the door.  You once again land on the grass and the door slams shut.  Where will it take you next?

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