The Door

There is a door. Where does it lead?


4. Land of Demons

You once again peep shyly around the old oak door.  This time, no alien spacecraft, no heated war, but a rather quiet, empty forest.  The only thing out of the ordinary here was the jet black sky, the dark trees, blackened by the night, and small purple flowers, growing and dominating everywhere, but not everything.  As you look around, more confidently now, you notice a dark shadow.  Wait, everything's a shadow here - you must be going crazy!  No, the shadowy figure you just saw was real.  You can see it moving towards you now, it's bright, pinprick eyes forever staring at you.  It's hands reaching out to you - you run - faster than you've ever run before, back to the door.  Yet the door doesn't want to take you in, and it slams shut!  You are stuck in this world with these creatures, these demons following you.  There are about a dozen now, all crowding you, until...

The door finaly portrays mercy, it brings you back across the world, and you land on the grass out side, as it once again slams shut.  Where will it take you next?

World requested by Crown of Shadownight.

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