The Door

There is a door. Where does it lead?


2. Alien Universe

Through the door you find a world filled with mysterious splodges walking round in a circle.  You can't yet see what they're circling, but the smell!  You  move closer to get a glimpse at what looks like an alien spacecraft!  As you move closer one of the creatures sees you, sends out the alarm and viciously grabs you by the arm and throws you onto the floor.  At least now you can see the spacecraft clearly.  It is a massive hunk of metal that looks as though it has had a nasty accident.  The aliens must be thinking they can repair their beloved vehicle by walking round it.  Another creature walks up to you.  He is the biggest alien and wears a grubby crown on his head, that looks as though it was once gold.  He looks suspiciously angry, and as he raises his hand as though he is going to hit you...

You find yourself flying through the air, back outside the door.  You land on the grass as the door slams shut.  Where will it take you next?

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