Trying again

Sorry I changed the title but I just liked her and Jonathan together way too much. I didn't want her to cheat. So it's going to be about Ainsley trying love over again with Jonathan. Earning trust again. And safety.


8. chapter 8

Ainsley's POV:

When we got back to the apartment, my mom was waiting in my room. "Sweetheart! I'm so glad-whose this?" She nodded toward Jonathan.

"That's Jonathan. The guy you wanted me to meet." I smiled when Jonathan shook her hand and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Oh...well it's very nice to meet you, Jonathan. I couldn't help but notice how close y'all are. What's up with that?" She looked at his arms wrapped around my waist.

"We're dating,ma'am."Jonathan was being very polite since my parents were around. She didn't seem pleased though.

"Oh!, Ainsley, sweetie, can I talk to you in the hallway for a minute?"

"Uh...I guess. Jonathan, I'll be right back." I walked out in the hallway and leaned against the door. "Ok what is it? What do you want?" I crossed my arms. I mean first she throws me out now she thinks she can just walk straight into my room? Wow....

"I just wanted to check on you and see if everything was clean." She was acting all nice. "But I actually came to tell you about that boy your dating. I did some research on him, just to make sure my baby girl is being taken care of by a proper young man. But instead I find out he's been to jail twice, from robbing. He's been in lots of fights in school. Now if you think I'm going to let you hang around this boy anymore you crazy!"

I laughed. "You honestly think that I'm going to listen to you?! First I get raped and then you kick me out because you think I'm a slut. Now you come to my house, break in, and think for one second that I would listen to you?! You kicked me out remember. I can do what I want now. Just leave, your not welcome in my apartment. And if I catch you in here again, I'm pressing charges." With that I walked inside and slammed the door in her face.

Hey guys!!! I'm writing two other books right now and so I won't be writing on here as much. I hope you like this book and my other favorites. Check out my other favorites on here, my neighbor and chasing dreams. Happy reading! I loves you all!

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