College Sweetheart

First day of college ;)



I run to my room and quickly jump in the shower I really wanted to look nice for her since she was practically mine now. I get out of the shower and wrap the towel around my bottom half while I put jell in my hair making it spiky and putting on roll on deodorant then slipping my black v neck shirt and then my white jeans that were baggy around my parts and tighter around my legs, I then spray myself with clone and I walk out of the bathroom to see the boys sitting on the couch staring at me Smirking "woah where are you off to?" Says Liam "um just going to a party with Lexie" I say searching the room for my phone. "She's hot do you think you could get her to date me?" Zayn says "Haha I'm not sure" I say still looking around. "You guys should come to the party" I say looking at them their faces lighten and they nod and go and get ready. I finally find my keys and text Lexus to see if she's ready.

Lexie's P.O.V

I go up stairs and have a quick shower hen I get out I blow dry my hair and curl it into loose curls then I apply some cherry red lipstick and mascara and a little bit of eyeliner. I choose to wear something spicy tonight since Niall was going so. I was wearing a black dress that had a v shape on my back so it didn't cover much and the length went down to my thy. I wore black vans so I would be comfortable for the whole night. I walked downstairs with Natty she also looked beautiful wearing all red. catching the eyes of a lot of boys. For once in my life I felt beautiful.

Niall's P.O.V

I was waiting downstairs with the boys for at least ten mins when all of a sudden the most beautiful girl and a pretty girl next to her walked down the stairs. She looked amazing I couldn't help but let my jaw drop I had never seen her in a dress and woah she looked fine. I walked over to her and she pulled me into a hug and we walked out. "You look beautiful" Zayn says while we walk to the car "thanks" she replys blushing which I didn't really like. When we got to the parking lot we tried deciding what car to take when all of a sudden a huge black limo appeared next to us and I was so pissed off when I saw the one and only Justin Bieber step out of the front door. I never really liked Justin because he was always flirting with Lexie and he always did stuff better than me. He jumped out and even he was dressed up more than usual he had the same jeans on as me just black and he had a white shirt and black jean jacket shades covered his eyes and he wore gold high tops and a gold chain. He ran up to Lexie picking her up and carrying her bridal style into the car then put her down and sat beside her whispering something in her ear that obviously made her blush a lot more than I can.

Lexus P.O.V

I can't believe Justin actually came to college I was so happy to have him here it felt like I haven't seen him in forever.

He picks me up bridal style and places me gently in the car and sits down next to me and I start to feel my cheeks go all hot and then he whispers "I want you so bad lex you have no idea how long I have waited for this day were I could see you an hold you, you make my heart skip a beat and you need to know that I love you and I always will even if you don't feel the same way about me I will still treasure your beautiful body as if you were mine" he said biting down on my ear softly. Holy shit did he really just say that to me? I didn't know what to say what about Niall? I had just told him that I loved him now what am I going to do?

Justin's P.O.V

I hopped out of the car and saw Lexus standing there in a cute little black dress she looked so beautiful and I couldn't help but bite my lip then run over to her and picked her up. I placed her down in the car and say down next to her and whispered in her ear how much I wanted her to be mine.

Sorry for such a short chapter guys I have been really busy I have to finish 5 projects by Thursday so haha yeah. But I promise the next chapter will be longer. ;) xxx

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