College Sweetheart

First day of college ;)


6. The Party

Justin's P.O.V

When we got to the party I opened the door for Lexie she was so adorable. All the guys were looking at her though and it made me angry I clenched my fists as we walked through the front door of the house it was Massive! I turned to Lexie and she was looking around at everyone and smiling waving to a few girls that she knew "I'm gonna go get a drink do you want something?" I said whisper in her ear "no thanks I'm okay for now" she said looking up at me. I kissed her on the forehead and went to the bar to get a drink.

Lexus's P.O.V

Woah it was amazing here I have never ever been in a house that was this big. So Justin went to the bar to get a drink but I didn't feel like drinking yet I had away too much on my mind like what am I going to do about Niall will he be angry with me? Did I just ruin our relationship? I better go and find him to check if he was okay. I look for Niall but I couldn't find him anywhere so I decided to just go to the bar and have a drink when...

My heart stopped I felt like my world had just come crumbling down. I couldn't breath I felt like I was about to die... Truth is what I just saw.... Made me want to die... Why? I thought he loved me? I can't believe I trusted him! I knew he was a dick I just thought he would've been different. My heart was officially broken in two. I was feeling the tears coming but I held them back. Justin Fucking Drew Bieber was making out with another girl and kissing her neck. I was done this was over I just wanted to go home! The girl that Justin was all over turned around and my jaw completely dropped I was so fucking angry! He was kissing my bully! Jasmine fucking Holmes the most popular girl in my old high school what was she doing here she told everyone she was moving back to L.A with her family this can't be happening. Justin looks up and sees me and immediately let's go of jasmine and runs over to me. "Lexie I can expl-" I cut him off "no Justin just don't I'm done we are done I can't believe I trusted you I thought you were different but obviously not! Your the same as any other guy you just find a girl like me make her feel loved and then leave her the second you see a prettier girl" and with that I ran out of the house tears streaming from my face I didn't bother looking back I just kept walking until... I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned around to see green eyes looking into my blue eyes "I'm Harry" "Lexus" I replied "yeah I remember you I met you yesterday your Niallers friend" he said his curly brown hair bouncing with his every word. "Here let me walk you home we aren't far from the college" he says smirking at me revealing his dimples, "but.. But what about the party" I say I was so cold "um I was getting kinda bored and I would much rather spend time with you" he says winking at me before taking his obey jumper off and putting it on me it was huge on me but I was so happy because it was warm and it smelt so good.

Harry's P.O.V

I saw Lexus walk into the room and it looks like she was heading for the bad to grab a drink. I was about to go up to her and maybe you know flirt a little but then I saw something in her facial expression it looked like she had just seen a ghost or something. I turned to see what she was looking at and I saw Justin kissing some blonde girls neck while grabbing her ass. What a gay guy who would do that? I knew that Lexus was about to cry because I could see tears in her eyes. Then that blonde girl turned around woah she's pretty hot anyways Justin lifted up his head to whisper something in the blondes ear when he saw Lexus standing there taking it all in. He quickly ran to her but I couldn't hear what they were saying because the music was too loud, but she ran out with a very hurt look on her face and tears streaming from her eyes I took one look at Justin and he was pissed I walked over to him and punched him, I bent down and shouted "YOU FUCKING JERK HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO HER SHE LOVED YOU AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY HER BY MAKING OUT WITH SOME SLUT!!" and with that I ran out of the party tears almost falling from my eyes and I finally caught up to Lexus she was just walking in the dark obviously had no idea where she was going because college was the other way. I put my obey jumper on her because come on it was the middle of winter at like 12 at night and this girl had only a dress on. She looked really hot with my jumper on and I couldn't help myself but smile before walking her back to the college. When we got to the college Lexus looked really tired like she was just going to drop. I opened the door for her and picked her up bridal style then closing the door with my foot I placed her down on the bed leaving trails of kisses all over her body "please stay here with me I don't want to be alone" she said slightly giggling I wasn't sure if she was drunk or just really tired but I just laid next to her and cuddled her "I'll never leave you side Lexie I promise" I whispered in her ear. I knew she heard me cause what she did next took me by surprise she turned around and laid on top of me and started kissing me passionately. A shiver went down my spine and from that moment on I knew she was "The One" we kissed for what felt like ages but I didn't mind at all. She pulled my shirt off and traced my tattoos with her fingers... Let's just say Lexie was no longer a virgin ;) she made me feel so good I couldn't help myself. "I love you Lexie" I said kissing her forehead "I love you too hazza" she says snuggling into me before dozing off to sleep. Not long after she feel asleep my phone buzzed in my pocket.

To: Hazza

From: Zayn

Hey Harry where are you? What happened between you and Justin? Text me when you can love

To: Zayn

From: Hazza

Hey Zayn, I'll explain everything to you tomorrow love okay but you should get some rest don't worry about me I'm with... Nevermind I'll see you tomorrow. xx

To: Harry

From: Zayn

Okay Hazza goodnight ;) ae

I giggled to myself quietly when I saw the message but not long after that I pulled Lexie closer to me and went to sleep.

Next morning...

I woke up with Lexus lying on my shoulder she looked so peaceful sleeping I didn't want to wake her up so I just kissed her softly on the forehead and went to make her some breakfast. I made her pancakes with some bacon and scrambled eggs on the side, I went in the room to wake her up but she wasn't there...SHIT oh no where could she have gone I mean she was here like 30 mins ago and now she's just gone? I ran around the room calling her name when finally I heard something "Harry I'm in here" woah thank god I thought she left she was just in the bathroom.

Lexus's P.O.V

I woke up to the smell of bacon with a pounding headache and I really needed to go to the toilet so I got up and went to find the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom I could hear Harry yelling "LEXIE WHERE ARE YOU?!?!" "IM IN HERE HARRY" I yell back giggling then finding where he was. I went into the kitchen and Harry was setting up the table. "WOAH" I couldn't help myself this was amazing he had laid out a red table mat thingy and he had scented candles in the middle of the table and our breakfast. This was so cute I meant no guy had ever done this for me not even Niall OMG! Niall I totally forgot about him I hope he's okay I wonder if he knows what happened to me last night.

Skip breakfast

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