College Sweetheart

First day of college ;)


3. Meeting the boys ;)

Niall's POV

I walk into my new room and woah! It's huge I didn't know that the rooms here were that big jeez. I walk into the room and shut the door behind me struggling to hold my bags in the process. I slowly make my way over to the bed that hadn't been made and started unpacking when I had finished I realised I hadn't showered in like two days so I pulled out some black jeans a white v-neck shirt and a red Manchester's jumper just in case I wanted to go see Lexus and it was cold. I got out of the shower and put on my clothes brushed my almost dry hair and walked out to see four guys sitting on the couch watching tv. They all jumped up off the couch when they saw me "hello you must be Niall I'm Louis and this is Zayn, Liam and Harry" they all shook my hand "nice to meet you guys" I said kinda shy "ahah boys we got ourselves a Irish bloke" Zayn says laughing "haha yeah" I say laughing back. Once they had all stopped asking me questions i decided to text Lexus to see how her first day was going.

To: Lexie ;)

Hey Lexie! Want to come down to my dorm and watch some movies? I have popcorn ;)

From: Lexie

OMG! Yes I'll be there soon Nialler! xx

I put down my phone and went to the microwave to cook the popcorn. There was a knock at the door and I legit sprinted to the door so that none of the boys could answer it before I did cause that wouldn't be good.

I opened the door and Lexie jumped into my arms and hugged me like she hadn't seen me in a long time. I really loved Lexie she was the most beautiful girl in the world to me and I wanted her to be mine forever but she thought that we would be better as friends cause he didn't want to lose me. When she let go I smirked at her and she gave me a look and nudged me with her shoulder and went inside. "Niall who's this?" Liam asks "guys this is Lexie my best friend" I say feeling confident. They all get up and shake her hand Zayn even placed a small kiss on her hand and that made me angry. " okay boys we are just gonna go watch some movies" I say hoping they would just leave us but Harry asked if he could watch the movie with us and the other boys much for some alone time with Lexus oh well.

Skip to next day ...

I woke up and Lexie was cuddled up into my stomach with her hand holding me close to her she looked so adorable even asleep. "Morning" Louis whispers I jump to see him lying on the couch next to me drinking coffee "morning" I whisper trying not to wake up Lexie. I just lay there listening to her breathing and fell asleep. I woke up around noon and noticed Lexie wasn't there but she left me a note that said.

To: Nialler

Thanks for last night it was fun :) text me when you wake up and we can hang out in town and grab some lunch

Love Lexie xx

This made me sit there smiling like an idiot. I went into the other room and the boys weren't there so I picked up my phone and decided to text Lexie

To: Lexie ;)

Morning Lex wanna go go cart racing then finish off with some lunch? xx

From: Lexie ;)

Morning Nialler sure sounds fun and my roommate invited me to this party you should come xx

To: Lexie ;)

Okay meet me downstairs in 30 mins and I'll drive us and okay but you have to help me pick something to wear tonight ;) xx

From: Lexie

Okay cya then and okay baby Nialler aha xx :*

To: Lexie

You just know how to take care of me don't you <3 and wear something hot for me ayee? Pwease ;) xx

From: Lexie

Just go get ready you <3 ;) xx

I chuckled a little and went to go get dressed I wore some black skinny jeans and a blue v-neck with a blue jumper because it was the middle of winter. When I got to the front Lexie was there waiting for me and man she looked stunning as always. I couldn't help but stare at her because my feelings for her were getting much stronger she ran up to me and hugged me so I hugged her back squeezing her and not wanting this to end but she pulled away. I kept seeing guys looking at her in a flirty way and I got jealous so I grabbed her hand and led her to were I had parked the car. I opened the door for her still intwined in her fingers and she let go but before getting in the car she pulled me towards her and kissed me full on the lips! It felt like we kissed for ages with our lips moving in perfect sync she smiles and pulls away and I chuckle a little "so much for the just friends thing hey" I say holding her waist with one hand and rubbing circles around her back. "I love you Nialler" she says looking me straight in the eye I could feel my cheeks flushing with pink "I love you too Lexie" I say leaning in and kisser her forehead before lifting her up and putting her gently on the car seat and putting on her belt. We drove to the go-cart track and it was closed so we just went to lunch at Starbucks. "What would you like?" I say grabbing her waist and pulling her forward "just a coffee and a muffin please" she says turning away from me and blushing "okay go find us a table princess" I say letting her hip go. She wonders off and finds a table while I order.

We eat and drink and we start heading back to the college to get ready for the party. " going to have a shower meet me downstairs at 7:30 babe" Lexie says before walking upstairs.

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