College Sweetheart

First day of college ;)


2. Excited

Lexus's POV

*alarm clock beeps* I groan attempting to turn off my alarm clock with my eyes shut but instead I end up pushing it on to the floor which means now I really have to get up to turn the stupid thing off! As soon as I get the urge to get up I get some clothes and run straight into the bathroom and have a shower, once I'm dome I put on some white ripped skinny jeans one of my brothers baggy obey jumpers and a black beanie I put on some mascara and eye shadow and open the door to see my brother Dj standing there waiting for me to get out. I walk downstairs and see my mum cooking breakfast for the family. I lived in a two storied house in Paris with my mum,dad,three sisters and four brothers yeah I know one big happy family but no it wasn't well we had our moments that made me want to tear my hair out but I love them. All 4 of my brothers were older than me jarred,Jason,klexus and Dj. Which I found awesome because they were all tough and muscly and would never back down from a fight and a great thing was they always won and they would do anything to protect their little sister. I only had one big sister and she was already finished school and got a job as a hair dresser about two years ago but she decided she wanted her own shop and closer to home and now she's a famous hair stylist in Paris. My other two sisters were obviously younger Brianna was 15 and Sarah was 5 I loved spending time with them and doing girly things like make up and hair & nails but like all siblings we did fight. "Ding dong" I run to the door to see only my best friend Niall standing their with his arms out waiting for a hug. I hugged him and pulled him inside out of the cold Niall and I have been friends for a long time now like since primary school. I knew he had a crush on me and I love him to but We both think our relationship as best friends is better because we don't want to risk breaking up and never talking to each other again. "Hey beautiful are you excited?" "Yes are you!" "Of course" he replies pulling me into a tight hug. I break the hug and run upstairs to grab my bag. This was it I was going to college for 3 years I would only be sleeping in this room once every few months. I walk to the front door and Niall grabs my bags and puts them in the car while I say goodbye to my family. "Goodbye everyone see you guys in a few months" I say letting a tear fall from my eyes "good luck lex" they all say as they wave goodbye. I jumped in the car and we drove off. Me and Niall talked the whole way. I lived on the outside of Paris so it was a very very long drive to London. Niall and I talked the whole way like there was no tomorrow, we even sang to one of my favourite songs All that Matters by Justin Bieber oh my daumm he was so fucking hot. Niall got jealous when I talked about Justin because i knew Justin very well and we texted and skyped all the time we never got to hang out though because he was always on tour or in the recording studio. Niall hated justin for some reason but I was excited that I would finally get to see him because he was going to college with us! We finally drove In through the front gates were a man guided us with his hand to the entrance of the parking lot and let me tell you it was huge there were people everywhere I don't know how we were going to find the front door. Niall finally finds a parking spot and he jumps out of the car runs around and opens the door for me "ma'dam" he says showing off his cute little smile, "your such a cheese ball Nialler" I say smirking at him. "You love it Lexie" (his little nickname for me) "don't be too up yourself little boy" I say pulling him into a tight hug, he hugs me back and kisses me slightly on the forehead "let's get inside aye?" "Yeah sure Nialler" we grab our bags out of the car and head inside. We check in and the kind lady at the front desk gives us our schedule,room keys and gives us a piece of paper that says our roommates names and name on it. Niall walked me to my room then left to find his leaving me with a small good luck cuddle. I grabbed my key out of one of my Prada bags and unlocked the door but to my surprise it was already open. I walked in and saw two double beds each on either sides of the room I guessed the one on the left was mine because there was a sheet on the right bed. I put my suitcase down on the bed and started unpacking my clothes into my wardrobe that was at the end of my bed on the wall with a mirror next to it. I jumped a little when I heard a small voice pop out from behind me "hey you must be Lexus I'm natty" I turn to see a beautiful brunette girl with gorgeous green eyes holding her hand out "hey natty it's nice to finally meet you" I reply taking her hand and shaking it. "I'm just going down the the cafe did you want anything?" She says putting on her jacket and grabbing her wallet "no thanks I'll be fine" I say turning back around to unpack.

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