"You think your so perfect, don't you Carrie" His words provoked me, I took a step back, the back of my begs hitting the beds end.
"N-no" I stuttered, I tried to remain brave, but his looks and his words tormented my conscious.
He raised a hand and gently caressed my cheek.
"Don't fight the need to lust me Carrie"


4. Chapter 4-

My face was bewildered as my eyes latched on to the door where a pair of twins walked in, both wearing similar revealing clothes.

"What the fuck? Who invited them?" Harry growled, his eye brows were furrowed harshly together, his face screwed up aggressively.

Louis shrugged his shoulders.

"They should not be here" Caroline snarled.

As of me, who was still held hostage in Harry's grip, I was completely oblivious to my surroundings.

"Who are they?" I looked at Caroline.

She was moments away from talking but Niall bounded over.

"Emily and Veronica are here" He shovelled a mouth full of tortilla crisps in his mouth.

"We can see that" Zayn gripped onto Caroline.

"Well, can you see that they are both coming over here" Niall pointed out.

They were pretty, I guess, both had wide smiles, with bright eyes.

I was relieved and surprised when Harry finally dropped his grip on me as the twins gained closer.

I stepped slightly away from him.

A chuckle rumbled in his stomach.

"Hello boys" They said creepily synchronization.

I watched both of their grey eyes rake over Harry's body.

"Looking well Harry" The one with the dark blonde hair spoke, licking her bottom lip.

"Wish I could say the same Veronica" Harry grumbled,I watched his pupils dilate in anger.

I scoffed slightly at her reaction.

"Hello Caroline" The other twin, Emily, glanced at Caroline, her face scowling.

"Why are you here Emily?" Caroline leaned against Zayn as if protecting him.

"Ah, heard about the party, thought we'd pop down" She had a clear smirk plastered on her face.

"Can you not clearly tell, that nobody wants you here" Caroline looked around the room.

"I see you still have your little whore Zayn" Veronica scoffed rolling her eyes.

I grabbed hold of Caroline's wrist as I felt her jolt forward.

"Keep the bitch on a leash" Emily hissed at Zayn.

What the fuck is going on?

"Who's this?" The twins both spoke,I realised I was no longer invisible to them.

I looked up from my feet.

"Carrie" I managed to mutter, feeling as If I was exposed and mutilated by their stare.

I felt an arm snake around me,gripping me tightly.

I sighed.

"Ah, didn't take you too long did it Styles" Emily raised her eyebrows.

"First, Me, then Emily, Oh, and who was that girl...the one that you really liked..." Veronica tilted her head.

I could tell Harry was having enough.

His grip on me was tight and his vein were prominent on his hands.

"Oh yes....Jenny...she was a sweet girl" Emily chuckled.

"Poor sweet and innocent"

"Don't you dare bring her up!" Harry growled.

They were obviously raging him.

"Thats enough, I think you should leave" I coughed.

Shut it Carrie...your not get involved...

Ni matter how many times my conscious warned me, I could start any longer watching the people around me in anger and distress.

"Im sorry, what?" They both looked alarmed by my sudden voice of courage.

"I said I think it's time to leave" I said.

"She's right, you should go" Caroline's voice joined mine.

The twins looked defensless.

They both huffed.

"See you soon babe" Emily winked at Harry her sister blowing a kiss at him.

I watched them strut away, everyone glaring at them.


As soon as they were out of sight Harry gripped both of my hips, turning me sharply to face him.

"Don't fucking speak to them again, you here me!" He yelled.

Yet again the room fell silent as Harry's raging face was inches from my petrified one.

"I-I..." I couldn't speak.

"Do you fucking here me!" He growled.

I winced at the pain inflicted on his fingers into the tight grip on my hips.

"Harry..." Caroline stood at my side.

I watched his eyes fade from the black they were, tinges of green now piercing through.

He pulled his agresive stare from me.

I pulled away from his tight grip.

"I'm going" I sniffled.

"I'll walk you back" Harry insisted, taking a step towards me.

I placed my hand on his toned chest. "No" I breathed. "I'll get Liam to pick me up" I pulled my wrist from his large hand.

"Wait up, I'll come too" Caroline kissed Zayn lightly before placing her drink on the table and walking to my side.


"What did I just witness in there?" I asked seriously as we made our way out the frat house. 

I used Caroline's phone to get hold of Liam, she surprisingly had his number.

"Oh, erm...It's a long story" She awkwardly tilted her head,scratching her chin.

"I think I deserve it" I crossed my arms as we stood at the side of the road.

"Okay Okay, As you may have guessed Emily and Veronica are twins" I rolled my eyes at the statement. "Harry has slept with the both, It was kind of a dare with the lads to see who was better" I was a little shocked, I knew Harry was bad but....This was indescribable...

"The twins found out eventually, and by then Harry had a girlfriend" She slowly spoke.

I was a little shocked,I couldn't imagine this tantrumed 19 year old with a girlfriend.

"Jennifer was really nice..she bloomed Harry, but of course Emily and Veronica got involved, they took her away from Harry" 

"....Harry tried to win her back, until the day of the accident" Carols voice shallowed down as she continued.

"What? What accident?" I was eager to know.

"Jennifer and her family died in a car crash, 2 years ago to be exact" She said, I placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Harry lost the only girl he'd ever felt something for, and I lost my best friend" She sniffed.

I felt my heart pull at its strings before hugging her tightly.

Liams car pulled up along side us.

So that's what he was going to say earlier, before he disapeared!' 


"Thanks for the ride Liam" I smiled, climbing out his car.

"More then welcome, I'll walk you up" Liam smiled.

"Oh shit" Caroline grabbed her clutch, scanning its insides.


"My bloody room mate Kerry has the keys to our dorm, she's still at the party!" She flashed her hands in the air.

"Don't worry, you can stay at mine for the night" I smiled.

She nodded.


"Night girls" Liam hugged the both of us as we reached my dorm.

"Bye Liam!" We smiled.

I couldn't help but giggle as Caroline tripped over. 

"Shhh!" I giggled as I pressed my finger to my lips.

iI was shocked to see Thai still awake, a few other chinese girls around her.

"Eurg...The white chicks back" She spoke.


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