"You think your so perfect, don't you Carrie" His words provoked me, I took a step back, the back of my begs hitting the beds end.
"N-no" I stuttered, I tried to remain brave, but his looks and his words tormented my conscious.
He raised a hand and gently caressed my cheek.
"Don't fight the need to lust me Carrie"


2. Chapter 2-

It took me a few moments to realise the words he spoke.

"Oh, I see" I managed, I mean, it all made sense, Martha would never stand up to the son of the manager, let alone her boss. I looked at my suitcase and shoulder bag I left bewildered on the bench.

"Look, I better find my dorm" I shuffled on the spot.

"Hey let me come with you, or at least one of us?" Carol stepped away from Zayn's grip on her.

I gripped onto the familiar handle of my suitcase. "No no, don't worry, I can find my own way"  I muffled, lifting my shoulder bag back up to its original place.

"Okay, only if your sure" She looked to me.

I nodded turning and scurrying off towards the large low building of dorms to the right of the campus grounds.

"She's a strange one" I heard Louis muffle.

"Yes, but very interesting" Harry said lowly, but low enough for me to hear as I scurried off away from them.

- - -


As soon as I took a step into the dorm block I was instantly lost, I concentrated on the words Caroline had filled me with earlier.

"Your dorm is the number 144, take the first flight of stairs and proceed left, your dorm is the ninth door"

As I slowly walked up the stairs, pulling my suitcase along, I stumbled on a misplaced stepping and fell backwards, only to be intercepted by a large pair of hands spreading on my back.

I yelped in surprise at the alarming contact.

I was pushed up to a original standstill.

"I can't thank you enough for that" I brushed my pale skirt down, looking up to my savour.

He had a sweet look about him, a button nose, a wide smile, hazel eyes that would melt hearts, his head contained of light brown messy hair. He was an average height with broad shoulders.

I instantly liked him.

"Your welcome" He chuckled, taking my suitcase from its side and sitting it up correctly.

"I'm Carrie" I stuck my hand out for him to shake, he took in gently.

"I'm Liam" He smiled sweetly, his teeth piercing through his slim lips.

"I can help you take these up if you'd like?" He looked down at my huge suitcase and my large shoulder bag.

I was surprised at this kindness I was receiving. 

I'm certainly not used to it.

I looked from my bags then to Liam.

"If you don't mind?" I said.

"Of course I don't!" He throatily chuckled.

I watched him take the handle of my suitcase with ease and head up the stairs.


"I have a strong feeling that your new here?" He spoke, as we made our way to Dorm 144.

"Tell your feeling it's incredibly right" I stifled my giggles.

"Haha, where about's you from?" He laughed.

"I received a scholarship at my high school In New Jersey" I nodded as I informed him in.

He made a positive grunt, "New Jersey, thought so" He smiled.

I gave him a confused glance as we pondered down the corridor, reaching my dorm room

"How could you tell? Was it the accent?" I pointed to my mouth.

He nodded. "Yup" Popping the 'p'

I chuckled and used the keys I was supplied with to enter my dorm.

I was a little shocked at the large space in front of me. 

"Now this is why, equality in sexes is a regular subject" Liam awed at the dorm.

I chuckled.

A door opened from the side of the room, a girl with dark hair and dark skin entered the room.

She turned to look at us, her face expressionless.

"Oh brilliant, American chick" The Chinese girl rolled her dark eyes.

"Believe it or not, you might see quite a lot of them,considering your In America?" I said flatly.

The fact I was going to be sharing a room with this grim reaper made life so much easier then sharing it with Caroline.

Liam looked at bit shocked the way I had responded to this girls rudeness.

I just took the suitcase from him, "Thanks Liam, you're awesome!" I beamed a smile at him.

One that most are unable to see.

"Your Welcome Carrie, I'm In dorm 103, the other side of the block, pop round if you need anything?" He smiled, I nodded in response, closing the door gently after he disappeared.

"So..." I looked around the bright large living area space. "I'm Carrie" I tried my best smile at the pretty Chinese girl, who looked aimlessly at me.

"I'm Thai, short for Thaila" Her thin lips remained in a formal straight line.

"Well, That's ironic" I rolled my eyes.

"Your room is that way" She pointed to the right side of the room.

I gave her a small smile and took my suitcase to get settled in.

- - -


A knock approached at my door. I sat bolt upright on the large expanse of my bed.

"Hello?" I coughed.

Thai appeared behind the beige door.

"There's some annoying blonde girl at the door for you" She mumbled.

What goes on in her mind?

"Thank's Thai!" I stood up, patting down my long skirt.


I instantly new it was Caroline from Thai's description.

"Hey Carrieeee" She squealed at the door.

I winced at the pain she flushed through my ears.

"Hey Caroline" I rolled my hazel eyes at the blondes quirkiness.

"What are you wearing for the party tonight?" She asked me.

I furrowed my brows, "What party?" 

"Oh come on, it's freshers week, and well....your a fresher!" She pointed to me.

"I don't know Carol, Parties and me, we don't mix" I leaned on the door frame.

She was not going to take no for an answer.

"Pleeeeaasseee, come on Carrie! It's a great chance to meet new people, and the boys are haawwwttt" She tugged at my arm, nearly peeling off my charm bracelet.

"I have nothing to wear!" I looked down at my sweet outfit.

"I'm sure you have at least one dress? Come on...I'll come get you at 7!" She quickly said, but before I had anything else to say, she spun on her heels and skipped off.

This will be a new experience.

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