"You think your so perfect, don't you Carrie" His words provoked me, I took a step back, the back of my begs hitting the beds end.
"N-no" I stuttered, I tried to remain brave, but his looks and his words tormented my conscious.
He raised a hand and gently caressed my cheek.
"Don't fight the need to lust me Carrie"


1. Chapter 1-

I wrapped my fingers around my suitcase, the clench causing my fingers to flow red.

I looked at the lady standing behind the registration desk, her eyes refusing to travel to mine. 

I sunk back into the warm leather waiting chair that had been my placement for over 24 minutes now.

Maybe I should get up....Make conversation with her maybe? Yes, that's what I'll do.

Following through with my thoughts I bravely stood up, adjusting my long skirt to the correct length.

I left my suitcase at the foot of my chair and paced across the carpet to the tall willow wood desk.

"Erm...Excuse me?" I coughed sincerely.

The lady raised a wrinkled finger at me, laying her grey eyes upon the large computer screen in front of her. 

I'd say she was in her late 60's, the brown thin locks now tinting a grey mode, her eyes now droopy and dim.

After what seemed like forever she eventually raised her glance to me.

"How may I help you?" She linked her fingers together.

"I'm new" I said calmly, ignoring the anger that boiled inside of me of the fact I had been sitting in the waiting chair for nearly half an hour, and I had remained un-noticed.

"Name, and course" She spoke, fiddling with the keyboard in front of her.

"Carrie George, Health and Social Care with Sociology" I spoke, reminiscing the course I was placed with.

"Ah yes, I will call around and make sure a guide is sent down, please take a seat" She said, her eyes still refusing to be set upon mine for over 10 seconds.

I nodded slowly and took a seat back on to the familiar seat.


As time passed  I watched people walk by, not one would let there eyes look my way.

Each of them holding books or folders clasped to their chests, scurrying through the reception out into the main doors.

The bang of the door whacking against it's hinges pulled me from my own thoughts.

"Shhhh Boys!" The lady (who went by the name Martha) spoke from behind the counter.

I let my eyes wander to the main doors that I was so sure must have been broken.

4 tall and dark figures walked into the reception.

"Oh shut it Martha" A deep voice rose from one of the four mysterious characters.

I was in complete and utter shock from the way Martha was spoken too.

I watched her cower back into her seat, her shaky hand resting upon the mouse of her computer.

I felt intimidated as they strolled past me.

"How could you speak to her like that?" I spoke up.

Carrie...what are you doing? Do not speak to them, and you will remain invisible.

I ignored my thoughts, but just as I thought that I got away without them hearing, all four snapped to my attention.

"I'm sorry, were you talking to us?" The boy with a Irish accent, blonde hair and blue eyes spoke up.

I gulped, "Yes, Yes I was"  I was surprised with myself and the braveness I seemed to posses. 

"I talk to Martha however I may" The voice that spoke to Martha occurred.

It belonged to a tall muscular boy, his head was home to a nest of unruly dark curls, his face possessed a pair of wide emerald green orbs,  his face shape was slim and chiselled, every mouth movement provoked two dents of dimples in his smooth cheeks.

How could someone be so rude, yet so highly attractive?

"I heard that one must respect those that are elders" I spoke, pushing away the thoughts of his attractiveness.

"What's your name, girl?" I hate the word he used, it hissed through his poisoned teeth.

"Carrie, Carrie George" I tried to hold my deceased look at him, but he made my conscious weak at her knee's. "And yours?" I bared my teeth like a bitch.

He took a step back, "You'll find out, sooner or later" He grinned.

His pack of shadowy dogs barked in laughter, following his lead as he escaped the stuffy reception room.

As they powered through the doors in aid to escape I let go of the breath I was oblivious of holding.

"Carrie, your guide Caroline will be with you shortly" Martha spoke, still not looking up at me.

"Thank you very much" I said, standing up from the waiting chair and gripping back onto my shoulder bag and large suitcase. 

It was several minutes later the reception door opened again and a tall girl with short blonde hair entered the room, a chirpy atmosphere obtaining with her.

She looked straight past me, before whipping to the desk.

"So, where is she?" She hopped on her toes.

Martha rudely pointed to me, Caroline snapped her head in my direction.

Her excited expression died down, "I have a lot of work to do" She rolled her eyes.

I took the offence non the less seriously and gave her my best forced smile.

"Hi" I managed.

"Hey I'm Caroline, as you may know, your Carrie right?" She marched to me, her hand outright stretched for a shake, which I obliged to immediately. 

"Yes, your right" I said, my cheeks aching from this never ending smile.


An hour and a half passed through our journey of West Virginia University.

It's a big place, temporary home to hundreds of students.

"So this is basically campus grounds, where people chill in free time" Caroline clapped her hands together for the hundredth time today.

I nodded, looking around, taking in the surroundings of the grass, cemented paths, tree's and benches.

It must have been a free period at this point, considering the amount of students that were out enjoying the spring sun.

"You may have noticed the different frat groups..." Caroline awkwardly glanced around, I nodded noticing what she was talking about as I saw different clumps of people spread out on the campus grounds.

"Basically, pretty much everyone has a group that they are accustomed by, normally you don't really have a choice, they choose you" She had a low warned tone. "There's geeks, science freaks, musicians, the cheer girls ,a.k.a sluts, The hot smokers, and the failures...., there's also plenty  more"  She descreatly pointed to each group, naming them as she pointed.

My eyes wandered over the groups, my eyes latching on the hot smokers group. All four of them instantly triggering the memory for earlier on.

"W-who are they?" I didn't loose my glance on them.

"Oh them?" Caroline flicked a small piece of her blonde hair away from her eye. "Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry, they are erm....difficult" She winced at the word.

As if on cue a dark skinned lad from the group raised his hand, "Hey Carol baby, come ere" He spoke with a  thick accent.

"Oh, and I forgot to mention...Zayn's my boyfriend" She sniggered, "Come on" She took hold of my wrist dragging me along with her.

I stumbled along the short grass behind Carol, the closer we gained to them, the thicker the air and more intoxicated it became.

My nerves rattled as Carol dragged me closer to the group of tattooed and pierced smokers.

My heart pounded as Carol dropped her grip on my wrist, flaring her arms around the neck of the tanned boy Zayn.

"Brought a friend I see" Another spoke from the side, a head of flat brown hair.

"Yeah, this is Carrie" Carol spun away from Zayn to look at me.

I fiddled with my long skirt, awkwardly looking at my feet.

"Oh we know" The sound of the same rude voice spoke.

I felt my cheeks heat up as I watched the mysterious figure run his tongue along his lips.

"Oh, you do?" Carol furrowed her brows, looking at me and then Harry.

"Erm..Yeah, they passed by in the reception area, while I was waiting"  I awkwardly looked back to the floor.

"Oh I see" Carol nodded, placing her hands over Zayn's that were wrapped around her stomach.

"So, what brings you to WVU?" The Curly haired boy asked.

I watched him suck in his lips as they wrapped around the cigarette.

"I received a scholarship, erm...what about you?" I attempted to make conversation, I fiddled with the flower on the bottom of my shirt.

Obviously my question back to him was funny, because every single one of them, including Caroline, bursts in to fits of laughter.

"Boy's I generally don't think she knows!" The blonde boy Niall panted.

"Well, I am new" I shrugged completely oblivious to the conversation.

Harry leaned forward of the bark of the tree.

"My name is Harry Styles, My Dad owns West Virginia University"

My mouth gaped open.


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