The Crash

Felicity has been dating Harry Styles for almost a year.When Harry finds out She can come on tour with him what will happen?


1. the park


 Felicity and Harry have been dating for almost a year.Their 1 year anniversary is in 3 days."Felicity I have to tell you something." harry said."what is it?"asks Felicity."The tour starts in two days."he says."The day before our anniversary." she says sadly."it's okay,I'll find a way to be here,I promise!"Harry said,hoping Felicity wouldn't be upset.She walked to hers and Harry's room and locked the door.She went over to the bed to lie down.


After 30 minutes of crying and Harry knocking on the door, trying to see if Felicity was okay,she decided she needed some fresh air."Harry I'll be back"she says while opening the door."where are you going?"he asks."for a drive"you say."can I come?""no Harry"Felicity needed to be alone.


 As soon as Felicity was is the car she was crying again.She drove to the park where Harry took her for their first was always so pretty at night.There was a lake and the trees had white LED lights around the branches and trunks. When Felicity got there San went to a bench by the lake and forgot about everything.


Felicity is still at the park.She looks down at her phone and realizes it's midnight. Harry is probably worried.





                                          ...the reason Felicity came to the park...


                                                 ...the reason she was crying...


Everything from the hour before comes flooding back.Her eyes start to tear up again as she walks towards her car.She drives home and walks inside."There you are!I was worried!" harry said."I have a surprise for you!"he said."what is it?

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