The Crash

Felicity has been dating Harry Styles for almost a year.When Harry finds out She can come on tour with him what will happen?


2. telling her

                                                                                                                                                                               ''i called management and you can come on tour with me and the boys!!''Harry said excitedly."omg!! really?""yes!!"

 Felicitys POV

 Im so excited!!!!!!but im also scared.i've never been on a plane before,well i have but i was only a baby.some of my friends have but not me.Im going on a world tour with the boys so I cant avoid planes.The first place on the tour is Japan!Im going to text my friend Angell to tell her the news.Me and Angell have been freinds since kindergarden!! 


m=me A=Angell 

m:guess what!! 


m:wow!your still awake!it's past midnight!Im going on tour with the boys!!!!!!

A:you know im a night owl!your so lucky!!!!i wanna go!!!!!!!!

m:maybe i can ask harry to talk to management and see if you can come


m:ok fine!!


i ask Harry to talk to management and he does.Harry has to persuade them to let angell come too!management finally said text angell to tell her the news.


m=me A=Angell

m:you can come on tour with me and the boys!!!!!!                                                                               A:omg!!!!!

m:i cant wait!!we are going to japan in 2 days so you should start packing!                                   A:how long is the tour?                                                                                                                               m:8 months                                                                                                                                                 A:that long!omg!i get to hang out with my bestie and 1D for 8 months!!!!!                                       m:yup!

A:arent you afraid of planes? going to do my best  to keep calm!we need to go to sleep so we can pack tomorrow!

A:k i'll talk to you tomorrow!night!


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