The Crash

Felicity has been dating Harry Styles for almost a year.When Harry finds out She can come on tour with him what will happen?


3. Packing

Felicitys pov

I woke up around noon and took a shower.I put on my green basketball jersey and matching shorts and started packing.


Harry woke up while I was packing and made us breakfast.After I was done packing it was 1:30 so I texted Angell to ask her if she needed help packing.She didnt answer for a while so she was probably still asleep since she usually doesnt go to sleep until 4 am.


I decided to go over to Angells house and wake her up.She had given me a key a while ago.When i got to her house i unlocked the door and got a bucket and filled it with cold water.I walked upstairs and went into her room and poured the water on her.I ran out of the room before she could kill me.I slipped.She got up out of bed."FELICITY NICOLE DOODY!!!!!!!!!"she yelled my full name."yes?"i said,still on the floor."WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS THAT FOR?"she yelled again."you needed to wake up so you could pack your clothes"i said,now getting up."why do i need to pack my clothes?"she said quieting down."for tour"i said."oh shit i forgot!"she said laughing.


when she finished packing I told Harry I was staying the night at Angells house so we could have a movie night.


we spent the night watching tons of scary movies and we went to bed.

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