Little Secret

Just one little secret could change your whole life. From friends, to family even your whole town! This is a story of a courageous teenage girl, who went through the most traumatic events in her life and to find out that her family has been holding this secret from her. Will she rise to be pack leader or will she slip down with the other shewolves?


5. Flashback


~3 years ago~

"Jess are you up?" Mum yells
"Yes!" I say as I walked down the stairs to the kitchen 
I enter the kitchen to see my whole family crowded around.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA!" My whole family says 
"Awww thanks guys" I went up and hugged my mum, dad and little brother 
"So how do you feel being one year older?" My dad asks 
"Well I feel the same" I reply
"My present first!" My little brother says "Happy Birthday J" My brother says while handing over his present 
I unwrap it tearing the paper. To reveal a new IPhone case with a beautiful black and white wolf on it.
"Thank you bro" I say
"My turn next" Dad says 
I unwrap the present Dad gave to me to reveal a beautiful tow piece necklace, one piece says "Daddys Girl" while the bigger piece says "There is this girl she stole my heart she calls me daddy"
"You have the little piece and I have the big one" Dad says "Cause no matter what happens you will always be my little girl"
"Awww Daddy don't make me cry" I say while wrapping my arms around him 
"I love you Jessie"
"I love you too Dad"
"Ok my turn" Mum says as I pull away from Dad's hug 
Mum gives me her little present and I unwrap it revealing a little box. I opened the box to reveal a ring that was quite discoloured and had a paw print on it. 
"It's a evolving ring it gets past down from generation , to generation. So since this your first day evolving I thought it would be a good idea for you to have it"
"Mum I love it!" I say as I wrap my arms around mum 
"Thank you all so much for your amazing presents" I say "But I better go get ready for school"
I ran upstairs and got changed
"Jess, Liam's here" Dad calls from downstairs 
"Coming" I yell back, I glanced once more in the mirror before grabbing my bag and walked downstairs 
"Happy birthday JJ" I hear Liam say from the bottom of the stairs 
"Hey Payno" I say while giving him a hug 
Liam and I have been friends for I have no idea how long, I guess ever since our parents have been in the pack together.
"Ready for a day of school" Liam asks 
"No its on my birthday! I just hope everyone has forgotten it"
"Well I defiantly haven't" Liam says while pull this present wrapped in purple wrapping paper (my favourite colour) out of his bag.
"Liam I told you not to get me anything"
"Did you realy think I was going to listen to you? Happy Birthday JJ" Liam says while giving me a present  
I take it from his hand and carefully unwrap it. 
"OMG no way!" I say as I finally unwrap the present to reveal 2 SIMPLE PLAN CONCERT TICKETS!!!
"You like it?" 
"I love it but it's too much" I say while giving him a hug
"It's no problem just as long as I'm allowed to come with you"
"Hahaha I would love for you to come with me"
"Come on you two or you will be late for school" Mum says 
I give mum and dad a hug before Liam and I started waking to school

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