Little Secret

Just one little secret could change your whole life. From friends, to family even your whole town! This is a story of a courageous teenage girl, who went through the most traumatic events in her life and to find out that her family has been holding this secret from her. Will she rise to be pack leader or will she slip down with the other shewolves?


7. Finding Out The Real Truth


Ok going back a bit further now and this was the day I found out I was different to everyone else in the town.

I was 13 now and I had just been through a really tough year of my life. I had been through a massive falling out with my bestie (She was the one who dared me to get the weed tattoo. Which I will you the story very soon) I got home and collapsed on my bed. That's when my phone started calling. I looked at the screen and saw Liam was calling. The one day he wasn't at school was the day I needed him the most. I answered me phone on the last ring. 
"Hey" I greeted fighting back my tears 
"JJ what's wrong?"
Thats when I full on cried at him. 
"I'll be around in 5" without arguing he hung up the phone and he was at m front door in 5 minutes. He looked terrible I gave him a massive hug and covered his shirt in wet tears. We went upstairs into my room and I told him everything.

~4 hours later~

Mum and dad went out again. They are always going out at this time on night which was really weird, they told me they would be home by the time the moon had reached the horizon. Which was about 1 o'clock in the morning. I never really thought it through about why they went out so much and I 'had' to be in bed before that time came. Tonight I had to find out what was up. Mum and dad did the usual they left me and my brother in our bedrooms and went out. I grabbed my jacket.
"Where are you going?" My brother yells from his room
"I'm going out" 
"Didn't you hear what mum and dad say every night"
"Yes but today I have to find out where they go, stay here I'll be home soon"
I walk out the front door, for some weird reason I have this weird sense of smell, I can smell McDonalds from 3 blocks away while my friends can't I always though it was just a genetic I had. Tonight I used my 'genetic' for good purpose. I could smell my mums perfume and I follow the scent. Which lead me to a woodland which was 2 blocks from our house. I follow the scent of my mums perfume and I come to a clearing to find my mum, dad, liams' parents and a few other people from the town all standing around. The moon was just rising above the trees, they all watch as the moon rays shone on them. That's when I saw strange things happen, they all started to change, they grew fur all over there bodies, canines grew from there jaws and they grew tails. I stumbled back, this can't be happening, these things only happen in fair tales and campfire stories not real life! I stumbled back I have to get away. That's when I stepped on a twig the snapping noise echoed through the woods. All their beady eyes looked at me and that's when I bolted. Running as fast as I could. I dodged and weaved between the trees, I heard the pack of wolves behind me. My adrenaline was pumping through me I was thinking I could do this I can out run these but I guess I jinxed myself. The smart ass wolves where appearing out of nowhere they blocked my way I stopped and started running the other way. They circled me I watched as they all got closer, I was scared I crouch down and covered my face in fear. 
"Why are you here?" I hear a voice 
Who was that? I uncovered my face to see a wolf stepping closer to me 
"Please don't hurt me" I say placing my hand out to try and stop the wolf from coming closer 
"I'm not going to hurt you" 
"Wait how can I hear you?"
"Go home Jess " I hear a wolf behind me say 
I stood there wondering 'why the hell can I hear them speak?
"Now Jess!"
Without arguing I started running towards the house

~The Next Day~

"Jessica come down stairs please"
I entered Dads 'meeting' room
"Take a seat"
Mum and Dad were both seated around room
"Why did you disobey our orders"
"I was curious"
"We told you to stay home" Dads voice becomes more serious
"It's not my fault! Just because I was worried that my parents leaving me and my brother at home alone every night. Do you know how we both feel, I thought we were suppose to be a family and tell each other everything. But no I nearly died last night, then I found out that both my parents turns into wolves" I argue 
"Don't use that tone was me miss"
"Darling it's fine for Jess to be angry we should have told you ages ago but we thought you weren't ready for the real truth" my mum says 
" Are you going to tell me the truth now?"
My dad nods his head and mum starts talking

"Our family aren't like any other family" 
"You can say that again"
"Jess" my dad says in his serious tone
Mum starts talking again

"We belong to the Nightwalker pack, our wolf history dates back from 7 generations ago"

I don't think you want to know about my boring family history. So this was when I discovered that me and all my family are all werewolves. Pretty cool ah?!


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