Are we more than friends

This is about a 18 year old model Kayla Cadler younger sister of Elenour Cadler. Her best friend Brila Edwards younger sister of Perrie Edwards. The girls have been around the guys due to their sisters relationships but will they end up being a girlfriend of one of the guys or will the guys be friend zoned by the girls read to find out what happens in this crazy love triangle


2. First Overall

Zayn's pov

I received a text from Perrie it said that a model and her friends are unable to compete and the Kayla,Brila, and her would be taking there place and that the guys and I would have to go get there stuff. "Guys we need to go get the girls competition stuff" I said. "We'll go" Harry and Liam said in unison. Harry liked Kayla and Liam liked Brila. We got in my car and went to Kayla's house and dropped of Harry and then we dropped of Liam and made my way to Perrie's.

* meanwhile at backstage*

Kayla's pov

Amanda was doing my Hair and makeup for the evening gown compotition. I heard footsteps coming towards up." Hey" Louis said giving Elenour a peck on the lips and us on the a peck on the cheek."Hello" Niall said giving Elenour and us a peck on the lips. "Mate, she my girlfriend" Louis said angrily. "Calm down BooBear" elenour said sweetly. "We're here" Zayn yelled. "Finally" Brila said. "Did you get the stuff" Perrie asked."Yea I got the evening gowns the bikinis and some sweats". Zayn said. "Hey" Harry said. Giving me a big hug wich I accepted. "What's up" he said kissing me on the forehead."Well, stressed out" I said. "Okay everyone in the young miss category you have five minutes till line up" Tom said. "Well I guess that's our que to go" Louis said. "Yeah see ya in the audience" we awnsered back. We got ready and headed to line up. It was only Brila and my catagory. Please welcome contestant number 5 Kayla Cadler. A season competitor at this compotition the announcer said. Thank you number 5 Kayla. Please welcome number 10 Brila Edwards. another season competitor at this compotition. Thank you number 10 Brila. The announcer said. "AHH!" Brila and I screamed. We herd footsteps running towards us. "Great job guys" Elenour said with Perrie and the guys. "Okay well you gotta go cause the miss catagory is up next" Perrie said. "K bye" Niall said and the guys left. Brila and I got our sweats on and sneakers and headed out with the guys. Niall was sitting next to Louis, Louis was sitting next to me, Harry was sitting next to me, Zayn was sitting next to Harry, Zayn was sitting next to Brila,and Brila was sitting next to liam. Please welcome number 12 Miss Elenour Cadler. The older sister of Kayla that was in the young miss catagory and shes also a season competitor here. Thank you number 12 Elenour. The announcer said. Please welcome 15 Perrie Edwards. The older sister of Brila Edwards in the young miss catagory and Perrie is also a season competitor, thank you number 15 Perrie. The announcer said. " Okay you know out" I said. We changed into our bikinis and our heels her bathing suit was blue and plack and mine was pink and black. We went through the compotition and did great. The Elenour and Perrie went through and did amazing. Time for awards. First the young miss catagory. "Prettiest eyes number 10 Brila" he said. "Prettiest smile number 5 Kayla." " the best score of the day in this catagory is number 8 Alexa is your name wasn't called for division overalls you are coming backs for a supreme title. The announcer said. We exited the stage. " AHH!" We both scremed. I ran to Harry and we both hugged for a really long time. "Great job you awere amazing" Harry said. "Can we get the miss catagory" the director said. "Well gotta go" Elenour said give Louis a kiss and us a hug. "Good luck". I said. " prettiest eyes number 12" he said. "Prettiest smile number 15" he said. "Divisional queen is number 26 Janeay, If you name wasn't called for divisional court then you get a supreme title. "Good job Elenour" we said. " can I get the supreme titles" he siad. " Novice supreme number 16 Hannah". " mini supreme number 7 Anisa". " now for Overal Supreme Court " " 4 th overall is number 10 Brila great job". My bestie Brila got 200 dollars cash. A sash, a crown, and flowers. "Third overall is number 15 Perrie Great job" he said. Perrie got flowers 500 dollars cash, a sash and a crown. "Here we go ladies and gentlemen two of our best season competitors that have been competing since they were 12 sister against sister and you first overall high score win of the day is number......5 Kayla" he said. I got 15,000 dollars in cash a huge crown a sash flowers and a brand new puppy. Elenour got the same but minus the puppy. After they were done crowning us they asked for all the supreme titles to present there . Igot off stage and ran to Harry and he gave me a big bear hug. We looked intensely into each others eyes and we wrapped his arms around my waist and he kissed me I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him downward and he pulled me back up and we pulled apart. "Did we just"I asked. "We did" he awnsered. I can't believe it I kissed my best guy friend.

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