3. you can see me??!!??

I walked toward my favorite place...nandos. I walked in and sat down at an empty table. As I was sitting there observing peoples conversations these five boys walked into the restaurant. One of the five boys looked at me like looked at me! I sat there frozen wondering if he actually saw me!?!


As me and the lads walked into Nandos I saw this young and beautiful girl. She was wearing a long grey sweater with a white undershirt and than had on shorty shorts. I looked at her and she looked like no one had ever seen her before. I walked up to here and I smiled I tried to tap her on the shoulder but it didn't work it seemed like my finger went right through her!


He definitely saw me because he smiled and tried to tap me! I quickly got of the chair and walked towards the exit. BOOM, my lifeless body felt a sharp pain in my heart. I yelled and cried in pain. As I looked up I saw people looking aroung. Did they hear me? Than I ran outside I turned around and saw the five guys running after me. So I ran in a dark alley.

"Where did she go?" The blonde one said

"Are you in there? Are you ok?" The one that smiled at me said.

I slowly crept out and all of them looked at me. "Y-you can see me?" I questioned. "Well of course we can." They all said. "How I-I'm dead?"

They all started to laugh. I got mad at went up to the one that had blonde hair. "Put your arm on my head!" I commanded. He looked at me and smirked and put his hand on my head and I went right through.

They all looked at me shocked. "W-wow you're actually are d-dead!" He said. "Yeah well you are the only one that has ever seen me so what's your name?"

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