4. How?

As they all looked at me they finally spoke:

"Hi I'm Liam."

"Hi I'm Niall."

"Hi in Harry."

"Hello I'm Zayn."

And than the one that made me feel important finally spoke

"Hi darling in louis!" He said sweetly

"Ok so know I know all your names, I'm Lily I died 2 years ago.

They all looked at me and saw my wrist.. It reminded me everyday of my mistake. Than louis came up to me and said "why did you leave the world you probably made it so much better?" I let out a small tear and asked myself the same question? Louis than looked at my lips. "May I try to touch you?" I nodded "it won't work though." He looked at me and held his hang close to my arm and when he tried to touch me his hand went right through.

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