5. Feelings.

As Louis was looking at me disapointed his phone started ringing. "Hello Paul?" As he was listening I started to back up. Than I hear "Lily don't leave, come with us!" Liam stated. I feel a smile appear on my face and nodded. When I got in the car I just sat there and looked out the window.

When we finally arrived it was a beautiful place. "Guys remember no one can see me so you have to act like I'm not here!" I said. They all looked at me and nodded. I see louis waiting for me to get out of the car and than when I got out he started to walk with me.

"Finally you guys are here!" Paul said agitated. "Sorry boss we got caught up in a situation. "Ok boys so we are going to do a photo shoot! And remember smile big and when they tell you to be serious be serious! "

All the boys did wonderful but when louis went up he just looked sad. So I went behind the photographer and made the weirdess face I could. He just laughed and laughed and when we were all done they looked at they're photos. "Oh my fucking god!" Paul said. Louis's eyes got big and he looked at me. I looked at the photo and you could see me posing with him. "Who is that girl and why is she in the photos?" Paul said. Louis just looked at them and smiled "I want all of them!" He said excited.

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