Last song

One direction love story louis tomlinson Emma Watson last song harry styles This is a story about a girl who moves from New York to Texas to live with her father with his little brother Noha there she finds a boy to date with but what happens when she finds that his father has lung cancer will it effect her relationship life too find out in last song


7. sea turtles

Veronica's p.o.v.

So when I was at the shore I saw these cute sea turtles who ere just born But the thing was I wasn't able to protect then cause there was this spooky kind of animal eating them it was a bit scary I didn't fell asleep for one second in the night cause I was feeling bad for those small turtles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~skip the night ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. Veronica's p.o.v.when I got up I planned to go to beach and for some shopping so forest I went to beach I was looking here and there but I didn't saw I front of me so when I looked I got a in accedint a boy was playing football and I never saw him .......... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~shorty for shot chapters I told u that I fractured my right hand but I am trying to update so anyway how r u guys and what's going on my twitter is @poorvi18 and insta @_louis_love love u all 😘

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