Last song

One direction love story louis tomlinson Emma Watson last song harry styles This is a story about a girl who moves from New York to Texas to live with her father with his little brother Noha there she finds a boy to date with but what happens when she finds that his father has lung cancer will it effect her relationship life too find out in last song


3. reached :(

Veronica's p.o.v. So we finally reached and my brother was like shouting dad!! And honestly speaking I wasn't excited to come here at ALL and I mean it. ( for dads p.o.v I am gonna write dad and if u r not comfortable with it pls let me know ).

Dads p.o.v. I don't know why Veronica is being so mad at me I mean I never said her anything she didn't even said hi to me what the hell is wrong with this girl.noha is excited to meet me and also he's so happy to be around me and he is so attached to me and on the other hand Veronica doesn't even look at me what's going on ..... Noha's p.o.v. I am so excitedddddd to be here it's so good to meet dad again after a long time I don't know what's with Ronnie ( Veronica's pet name ) She is being so mean and rude to daddy anyway it's their problem I am just so happy :)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hi guys I just wanted to request u to rt the link on the bio of @zayns_cheek on twitter pls it would mean the world to me and sorry for the short chapters 😅

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