Last song

One direction love story louis tomlinson Emma Watson last song harry styles This is a story about a girl who moves from New York to Texas to live with her father with his little brother Noha there she finds a boy to date with but what happens when she finds that his father has lung cancer will it effect her relationship life too find out in last song


9. forgiving ??

Louis's p.o.v.

I saw this girl getting up from sand she had dirty blonde hair and suddenly she flipped her hair back I realized that I just saw an angel her eyes were like a wolf , sharp , yet soft and when I heard her "it's okay " from this tender pink lips I fell in love with her ...........

Veronica's p.o.v. So when I was going he just came up to me and said that he could buy me a shirt an I simply replied no because I didn't like to buy things from others so I just ran and he wen back to play volleyball thankfully

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