Last song

One direction love story louis tomlinson Emma Watson last song harry styles This is a story about a girl who moves from New York to Texas to live with her father with his little brother Noha there she finds a boy to date with but what happens when she finds that his father has lung cancer will it effect her relationship life too find out in last song


6. after

Veronica's p.o.v. After what happend today I was so devastated so I couldn't wait to slip on my pyjamas and on to bed but before that I got called by my father so I went outside cause my brother was sleeping so my father started what's my problem that why ain't I was talking to him ... Dad"s p.o.v. I called Miley as I wanted to talk to her but I just wanted to ask her that why is she being so rude to me and she ignored me I started to shout but noha came in the room and started to cry so I told both of them very sweetly to go to bed instead Miley went out to the shore with a sleeping bag and slept there. Veronica's p.o.v. I mean does father always need to have a fight why can't he understand knew that wouldn't be able to sleep there so I took a sleeping bag and went to the shore. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sorry guys for not updating it I fractured my right hand so I don't know when will I update next but I'll try to update fast I am so sorry 😳😰

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