Opposites Attract

Harry Styles is your average teenager, all the girls want him. His the kind of guy you parents wouldn't want you near. If you get with him he will probably end up breaking your heart. Nicole Carter goes to the same school as Harry, but unlike Harry she's the straight A student never gets in trouble type of girl. There's just one problem Harry and Nicole can't stand each other. What well happen when they both get paired together for an assignment? Will they fall for each other?


2. :* Disturbance *:

I went outside to wait for Jessica, it wasn't long until I saw her coming up the street.

"Hey Nicole!"

"Hey Jessica. ready for high school?"

"Im beyond ready, I cant wait for boys and acting classes and boys." she giggled.

"Well everything will be fine as long as Harry Styles keeps away from me."

"Oh come on Nikki, you don't mean that. His like so hot I bet you're drooling for him on the inside."

"Me? hahaha please you got to be kidding. His the bad kind with no future." I shook my head just thinking about the idea. Sometimes Jessica can get on my nerves. We final arrived at the school. We stood there just facing it trying to soak in every detail it gave us. "Ready?" I looked at Jessica whose mouth was hung open.

She nodded "Yes im ready." We walked inside and got our class schedules "Do you have any with me?" I asked Jessica.

She bit her lip, looking very carefully at her paper. "Ummm....oh yea theater and English." she scrunched her nose.

"Oh great I hate this day already, can things get any worse?" Right as I said those words my nightmare came walking down the hall.

"Hello ladies." Harry smirked.

I just pretended I didn't hear him, but of course Jessica was all over him.

"Hi Harry!" she screamed.

"Did anybody get Math with Gomez for third period, and English with porter for homeroom." he asked us yet looking at a few girls who were looking at him biting their lip.

"Oh shit I wish I did." Jessica pouted.

I looked at my paper and noticed the exact same classes as Harry, no no no this has got to be the worst day ever its as worst as hell. I didn't say anything hoping I would have to cross with Harry often. I was calm but on the inside I was ripping my hair and screaming. Harry walked past us without another word bumping in to me. And just as I suspected he went directly to were the girls were at. He took one with short brown hair who was wearing booty shirts and a crop, and pulled her into the bathroom.

"Ugh I think I just threw up a little." I told Jessica.

She shook her head and yanked my hand. "Come on lets go find our classes."


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