Someone Else

For Sadie McKinley (18) , She Thought She Was just Going To A Magcon Event . She Didn't Know She Would Fall In Love With The One And Only Carter Reynolds (; But What Will Happen When Sadie Goes On Tour With Him And Falls For Matt Espinosa


8. Matt ๐Ÿ’•

"Hey stranger" I said. "So was Carter really using me?" I asked him. "No, but he has a girlfriend and I just wanted you to myself.." He said as he took a drink of his drink. I smiled and took his beanie and put it on. "Well, I kinda like you too" I said with a smirk. He smiled and took my hand in his hand. Wow! He must really like me(: "Carter's girlfriend was my bestfriend.." I said. "Wow.. She didn't tell you?" He asked as he took his beanie back. I shook my head no and I told him I had to get back to Tennessee. I pecked his cheek. I was almost out the door. When..."Wait Sadie!! What's your number." I walked back over to him and told him. Then I pecked his cheek again and left.

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